Guthrie, Texas

.saturday morning rewind.water is up.cool forty degrees.heater fans rumble quietly.noises of age.automatic routines.scattered around are bottles.koozies.remotes.used plates.lighters.jars.keys.music.provisions.

.the guns are put up.the hog killing is planned.saturday about dusk.the land near jayton.tumbleweed blind.they will pass by.snorting and squeling.digging dirt for roots.dirty animals.50 yards.be an easy shot.through the lungs is best.eventually they will fall.we'll take the backstrap and hammies.cannot wait.

.the earlier car drive was a song.the dan of steel.meddle.ezmarelda spaulding.she knows what men want.neil covers.woody guthrie songs by wilco and bragg.stopped into the 6666 ranch supply store.was running on fumes.next station was 30 miles.no one was around.the town of Guthrie, Texas was spotless.I was grateful for the gasoline.I went in and looked around.rows of neatly stacked goods.clothes even.boots and jeans.noticed large amounts if clamato juice and beans.mexican ranch hands live here.red beer is a staple.the loop built around the town years earlier added to its isolation.the ranch was a local operation.like a kingdom.the fact that the name of the place is 6666 ranch and the pitchfork ranch is down the road does cause a moment of consideration.but that is silly nonsense.it is absolutely God's creation.it is so peaceful.and everything we could ever need is there.except sunglasses.the lady at the store informed me.no people visible.but two dark glass suburbans prowled like an unofficial partrol.glad to be on my way as I passed by the tidy airstrip.where the New York queen flies in.

.miles away from the construction.civic improvement all around.orange barrels and arrow signs.the heart of denton is gutted.escaped through the hills of jack county.the beginning of the west.