Observations Of Absurdity

      Usually, it starts with the literal.  Reality being important to the structure of anything, tangible objects, real thoughts, observations of absurdity.  Then the tone of the sound.  The minors and sevens adding significant moods.  Letters that go together.  The words fill in parts of the completed work, but  they only compliment the song.  Some is left to the listener to describe, in their terms, in the context of their circumstances.  What is meant by the creator is less important than how it is experienced.  Boundaries are fine, each song has it's place and purpose.  Creating serves the creator, listening serves the listener.  Each uncaring of the other's motivations and inspiration.  Complete separation.  All this is evident, but many are motivated by the creator, not the creation.  The singer, not the song.  Most songs come together quickly, expressions are not lingering things.  More like flashes, wind gusts, or sudden.  Capturing a specific time and place, with what is active in the mind, body, or spirit. The performance is another matter, where articulation, space, understanding, and freedom are continuously refined.