Days Of Chaos

Kilowatts and turbines.
The noisy creatures in the bush.
Check your watch for the time.
Once again, she made you look.

Checking out your portfolio.
Mobs of people on the border line.
Desperate shouts in the barrio.
Lotta fighting, lotta crying.

Stranded bare on a mountain top.
Above the clouds above the trees.
Do we care or do we not.
Do we see what we wanna see.

These are the days of chaos.  Theses are the days of connection.  Together, complete clarity can be achieved.  Within the confusion lies the answers.  If the confusion can be contained, and understood as confusion by all decision makers, perfect harmony could result.  Sustaining this is another matter, but performance art, or even creative art at times, provides the limits, the frame, the boundaries.

Lining up for another night.
Bust a window, chuck a rock.
Well, we must avoid a fight
Find out why that dude got shot.

Leaving early for the water.
For the cool, for the swim.
They will surely catch me crossing.
Then I'm in, then I'm in.