Honduran Furniture

.the wishing girls left tonight.
.dreams of leisure and cash.
.from the islands they came.
.looking to the night sky for signs.
.raising hands to get closer to gods.
.follow you around back.
.where the rusted equipment is kept.
.believe in manicured gardens.
.tame the wild vines and weeds.
.moan and groan down the stairs.
.methodical activity is the only way.
.a good son will carry the burden.
.despite the exhaustion and worry.
.gringos all their lives.
.honduran furniture and Persian rugs.
.boxes from Kuwait and high dollar bikes.
.a screw came loose and the gun was around.
.scoundrels bring out the worst.
.learn to keep your cool.
.it is a very important skill.


Push The Water Around

.we have nuclear infused cleaner.
.the good kind, don't just push the water around.
.the boxes and gaggle of wires.
.load up and get moving, we're outta here.
.spines and dog bones.
.got the music in me, got the music in me.
.rousted like a new soldier.
.but we are lighter, and we are tighter.
.hearing things from in between.
.the lowly and the holy, they are the same.


Rear End In Galveston


Just got off the boat.
From a Caribbean float.

Need to get a bite to eat.
Wanna get out of the heat.

Finally we made land.
Was driving near the Strand.

Saw her from behind.
Gonna cost a couple of dimes.


The streets of Galveston are fast and rough.  Wish she woulda stopped in time, it's just my luck.  Rarely do I ever take a look and see, that rear end in Galveston was just what I need.


Days Of Chaos

Kilowatts and turbines.
The noisy creatures in the bush.
Check your watch for the time.
Once again, she made you look.

Checking out your portfolio.
Mobs of people on the border line.
Desperate shouts in the barrio.
Lotta fighting, lotta crying.

Stranded bare on a mountain top.
Above the clouds above the trees.
Do we care or do we not.
Do we see what we wanna see.

These are the days of chaos.  Theses are the days of connection.  Together, complete clarity can be achieved.  Within the confusion lies the answers.  If the confusion can be contained, and understood as confusion by all decision makers, perfect harmony could result.  Sustaining this is another matter, but performance art, or even creative art at times, provides the limits, the frame, the boundaries.

Lining up for another night.
Bust a window, chuck a rock.
Well, we must avoid a fight
Find out why that dude got shot.

Leaving early for the water.
For the cool, for the swim.
They will surely catch me crossing.
Then I'm in, then I'm in.




Wanna find a song
Make everybody sing along
A song that catches your ear.

Need to make em hum
Snappy and fun
A song that last through the years.


My eyes are shut
I've heard enough
Your gonna love
The songs of the jingle hut


Constructive Confusion

.all the faces in the clouds.
.pole cats and roaring tigers.
.lou reed and sweet jane.
.john lennon and hot peppers.
.bob dylan and sad eyed sara.
.blue skies full of cutting eyes.
.no one is here for love.
.the money involved is ludicrous.
.there must be collaboration meetings.
.music is at stake.
.for no good reason.
.obsessive and despondent.
.barbarella cover and sticky fingers.
.this is star wars.
.this is truth told without gravity.
.freedom has limits.
.but within the limits there are no limits.
.constructive confusion.
.static electricity and rains.


Break Your Heart

.refinement.and the other side of hate....reliant.trying to catch a break...dynamo.break your heart break your heart...psyco.trying to get a start...judgement.and the finger pointing man...love me.and i'll sing throughout this land...laugher.its all so trivial...trapper.understand the way I feel...galaxies.they all about the same...love is free.in his name in his name...
I'll see the Milky Way tonight.
Look up with bewildered mind.
See the shadows in your eyes.
And wonder.


Sink The Boats

Can't help but think about, can't help but think about tomorrow.
She whispered in my ear, honey let's get outta here, come follow.
Told her baby I ain't down, as good as it sounds, I'm going home.

Lord I just wanna think about, just wanna think about forever.
Live in love all day long, fill the nights with lover songs, come here come here.
Sink the boats and clip the wings, dogs don't growl birds don't sing, my dear my dear.

Take it down my love.....take it down.
Lay it down my love.....lay it down.

Take the time to talk about, talk until we talk it out, listen here, listen here.
Wanna get your side too, wanna hear what I can do, please make it clear.
Thought I was found but I was lost, made my point at any cost, for no reason.


Mood Rains And Jives

.waking to the rest of your life.
.mood rains and jives.
.break them shackles apart.
.get on with it.
.say the same thing as the day before.
.minor adjustments.
.times are good.
.for now.
.right here.
.the sun will come again.
.burning the earth.
.heating the concrete.
.reflecting in the glass panes.
.melting tar on the county roads.
.those cool august winds of Texas.
.same thing happened here in 1873.
.ambition and worry are useless.
.echo the word.