Happy Preachers

.children in line for the border game.
.anything to get into the land of the free.
.ethics aside, the moral questions rise.
.the land of opportunity should seize the opportunity.
.this must be done to the benefit of the future.
.first generation Americans are the best kind.
.love of country comes easy and is abundant.
.rally the churches, host a pot luck.
.these kids need a home.
.as texans, this is our time.
.the test is here.
.something bout money and mouths.
.the scared and the timid whine.
.talk of fairness and justice.
.as the tee times fill up on the weekend.
.and the pool water is treated with care.
.ear bud zombies with techno strides.
.happy preachers talk about measures of success.
.butts in seats, this place is holy.
.teachers of god's word, the old and the new.
.the relationships and validations of the word.
.we have room, we have work, we have opportunity.
.lets invite them all, get in line, we will open more.
.the border will disappear, Texico or not.
.benevolence should be sincere.
.service to others should be indiscriminate.
.we will know in 20 years.
.i have hope, but am not optimistic.
.our history is too clear.
.and it will be repeated.
.inevitability is inevitable.
.and so it is, and will be.