Days Of Laze

.the woe when temptation meets opportunity. .schemes of the devil. .an outright lie to be told. .in the heart the truth is written. .it is an unnatural thing. .this loyalty. .this commitment and vow. .to be hated and despised. .til death I said. .seems closer than ever now. .and it is. .for everyone. .rational thought has no place here. .the pretending has ended. .days and days of laze. .nights of cold. .self control is for the weak. .the evening lion roars. .door abuse. .tomorrow will be repeated. .the day after. .and the day after that. .abundance or endurance. .one is promised. .one is required. .the clever and witty are mocked. .we are sick of you. .and so am I. .always always always. .cry to the sky. .plead to the air.