In A Jar

.in this jar.
.i'm in this jar.
.come take me home lord.
.come take my heart. 

.had my one love.
.my one true love.
.completely happy.
.we were in love. 

.but I'm in this jar.
.in this dang jar.
.no way outta here.
.come take my heart. 

.my light is dimming.
.but it's glowing still.
.see them coming.
.my lifelong friends. 

.they worked all day.
.they gave me air.
.now I'm with my true love.
.once again. 

.i was in a jar.
.dying in a jar.
.now I'm still living.
.thanks to my friends.



Listening Rooms

.occupier of the day.
.lift the weight.
.stay active.

.sounds of the rappers.
.insecure and vulgar.
.little respect.

.keep the stores stocked.
.units of importance.
.money time.

.ruffled up and tragic.
.place of years.
.listening rooms.

.and hours and hours.
.tick tock away.
.vow bound.


Technology Music

Delicately taped and very breakable.  They don't make things like they used to.  Prepare for an afternoon nap and watch the entertainers.  Overacting is the secret to success, so many passive watchers.  Bordello queens and horn players.  The mexicans are always smiling.  Rushing around and rearranging lives.  The center of everyone's world, assuming we understand the injustice and hurtfulness of it all.  That danish guy, the artist.  Technology music and electronic minds.  The kingdom trying to keep the island people out.


Item Relocation

Moving is about item relocation.  On the move.  That's why they call it moving.
Packing is the thing, going through the previous days of life.  All important, all ended with decisions made and incoherent dreams.
Some remembered, others ignored.  Clear out the house.  Out with the dusty, old, heavy furniture.  Bring in the new dust.  Find an electric drill.  Break it down to the frame.
Tired and moaning.  We know we weren't expected.  It's the only way.


The Texican Maneuver

.stay right here
.let it loose
.they can look right into our windows
.nosey and unrelenting
.they will come for money and blood
.they will dig in and fight

.talk with measured words
.claw our way to respectability
.smoking rooms and bribes
.we can start all over
.we can begin again
.as weird as it sounds

.the texican maneuver
.the law men have already decided
.bluffs are coming soon
.stay steady and calm
.the unbelieving are aghast
.what happens next is considered

.the american guy was easily distracted
.drank expensive drinks and sweated heavily
.talked down to people habitually
.an awful trait
.looking for a way out
.keep the peace at all costs

.unconscious before eleven
.talked about louisiana the next morning
.they were relieved.


Dignity Babe

the blow the top.the breaking point.the end of her rope.

it has muddled my mind.the age of truth.as we see it anyway.

I would take us off the cliff.I would ram is into a tree or something.I would skid on the pavement.I would stutter and gasp.

the challenge of our day.

keep the dignity babe.

showed me from the back.joy has become impossible.the thought of what was supposed to be.back when plans and dreams were made.

we are living this dream.every night.

I keep waking.day after day.finite and constant.

always aware.always aware.

I will miss time when it's gone...


...and the time is always now.to express.otherwise, all is lost.otherwise, it is dead and gone.mortal.words hurt, you know.they are the microphones of the mind, heart, and soul.unless, we are deceiving, then the reverse is true.talk about your own sin.fill up the truck.lay it down with humility, the closest trait to rightousness.be aware of your worst.there is plenty.the singers this time of year.choirs, singing baby king songs.just listening, with my eyes closed.people are busting out all over.they are restless and bored.free speech wanna b's.commerce cannot be forced.the constitution has been ignored.common sense has been ignored.competence has been ignored.this has already happened.the door is swinging wildly.the harlots whine...


Gold Something

.get the five dollar bread and the best wine at the corner store.this place is for sale.nickels and dimes.scotch tape price tags.old clothes.not worn out.worn in.knows how to sit just right.happens to pass by.and a glowing smile.the air is musty tonight.the clouds have swelled.provisions are stacked high.shame is gone.blame is accepted.forgiveness is close.oh, to forgive just one person.that can change the world.just that one act of grace.if everyone did.the streaks of hair color.had to grow out.for curiosity is a very strong instinct.'the idea is the machine for the art'.that dude is right.gold something.ten years off the boat and already a manager.adaptability is the action of a sage.claim to know only truth.explain where to find it.love.that is all.think God.I'll ask george burns when I meet him.


Little Robots (Sign Of The Scorned)

Pleased myself. Did it right. Long, drawn out explanations. The context always surrounds. To some's disdain. But to most's benefit. Little robots, tight and apprehensive. Only supper time around here. They eat late in the city. Maybe we won't get hit. The taxi men are wild. Belly dancing girls and caviar.

It will creep up on you like a yearly fee. Engulfing all that might get in the way. Washed up flower girls sick of their life. Slender and haughty the sign of the scorned.


Dunlop And A Three

"Throw me high. Bend the back and turn the torso. Hit me at the top, just as I start coming down. Give me about a three foot clearance over the net on ground strokes, those net shots sting. To make me spin properly, you must flick the wrist and finish the swing. I will nail lines, slide low, kick up, and drop dead. All the manipulation you can execute. Newly opened and just burst from the controlled air. Swooooshhh, when the top was popped from the can, my sister and brother carrying the same label and number as me. Dunlop and a three. We were ready to provide for a spirited game of tennis. The opponents, Keck, who took us off the shelf and bought us and Gorman, who is known for frustrated whacks into the fence and irrational blasts into the nearby creek when really frustrated. Especially if you've become a just a little dead. I don't want to end up in some bird nest or sink to the bottom of some damn creek. He's not too bad, and seems to have mellowed with age. He does have Keck's backup racquet and got it restrung with modern German spin strings. It is fun to be hit by and gets me spinning easily. It could lead to a better mahut result for Gorman. If he can control his tennis anger and reduce his backswing. I'm getting soaked.........". The play continues in the cold, heavy air. The surface slippery with a puddle or two. After getting up 5-0, Keck was challenged a bit more. In the end, he won 11-9. A good pcr adjusted result for the loser. We pick it up with one of the Dunlop and a three brothers.".......what a mahut that was. They stuck with it and didn't blame us too much. Of course were gonna get a little heavy and wet. Lost a couple of cousins to a couple of tree blasts. It was their time. They were really dead. Maybe a dog will find them, a tough life, but active. If you can stand the slobber. I wouldn't' mind being on the end of a walker. Seen that in olds folks homes. Probably where I belong after this mahut. Those guys are serious. Every point. however, when they left, the just looked at us with disgust. They even cursed at us, calling us shit and saying we suck. I'm glad they left us. Hopefully, we'll get put into a big basket with a bunch of others. City living. Out of the trunks and garages. He just bought us today. I see my sister next to me at the net. Not sure about my brother, but last I saw he was sitting in a corner puddle. It should dry soon. Those guys were intense.

Shine Shine Shine

.the beer must get through
.blowing fans and dried wood
.a transaction in the end

.clean break
.the aftermath is left to us
.we are stolen fools
.we are selfish actors

.took the long way and doubled back
.memory is jammed full
.everyone has an opinion
.it must be made right
.the producer movie and show about music, food, and struggle

.be yourself



Unbelieving Trances

.call city hall.get some bulldozers out here dangit.someone should complain.tunes to carry the time, time to carry the tunes.hybrids is the way to go.we are all mixed up.messed up too.the boss let us down.blue Jean butt shot and born in the u.s.a.cool seeger sessions.don't blink.don't write too much.a fender bender would be very unwelcome right now.and always.but especially right now.this cobblestone is nasty.big chunks of ice the city didn't clear.taxes man.I pay taxes!the sun is bright and thirsty.video games will wreck a mind.can't give away that time.its only glow time.unbelieving trances.the killer kind.endurance and instruction.warren zevon said he would sleep when he was dead.and so it is.


Money Question

.a complete breakdown.crossed the line and stayed there awhile.told those people how stupid they were.double bird shot baby.fevers and patience collide.holding it together with routines and meals.we've done this before.the lie of time.mind tricks.gusher coming through the wall.been two whole hours now.shut down the roads.the dust trucks roar by.what is this all for?sign the check man.the thaw is coming.dry the floors with fans.look them in the eye when you ask them the money question.


Melt It Away

.generator sounds in the distance
.still got some gasoline

.it is dark now
.the diamonds only glowing

.royal colors and footprints
.last I saw the trees were down

.splinters on this cold night
.the young girls won't wear coats

.guess we're all the same
.but its freezing, you know

.let them learn on their own
.give a test or two

.pick her up at 1030
.before the drinking starts

.the neighbors are together
.fighting for each other

.but the oil is running low
.stocks of food are dwindling

.blood supplies are being rationed
.the linemen know

.the people are strong

.bark eaters and spit drinkers
.we are frozen here

.we are one
.the sun will melt it away

.the Son will melt it away


The Numbers Continue To Count

Always there will be numbers and percentages and ratios and income gaps and downgrades and upticks. This ride will continue until one day. Turn the page and read off some more. The fast talkers and the connected know what it all means. For now. Cameras float though the air. Reports of the band. Someone has to play lead. The late breaking indications of destruction and demise. Tune in tomorrow to see what happened. All things being equal. For a time. The young packs will scatter, but they will remain connected. Virtually, they find thier way. The old will suffocate on nostalgia. It's regrets and shattered hopes. Live today. Yesterday, and all before, have already been lived. The numbers continue to count.


Squinting Eyes

.the race is on for now.
.freezing rain don't matter.
.the timecast is clear.
.all the ladies listen up.

.late in the year for pastels.
.lit buildings and blinkers.
.do the bicycle.
.before its too late.

.the body will respond.
.pain comes from the inside.
.bright colors and lamps.
.stare with squinting eyes..


Collars Of Thieves

     .you see that cat?

     .hear what he said?

     .smoothly and slick.

     .collars of thieves.