Hours Away

..awoke ahead of the sun..
roads still damp and cool
..slain by this world..
left to gasp for air and die
..good to see your face again..
the lines are gone for good
..new robes and shoes..
strong and joyful all the time
..unannoyed and giving..
expected only to live forever
..time and flesh gone..
all forgave and all forgot
..transparent and glowing..
no malice or manipulation
..no health concerns..
the fitness of samson
..the days will melt..
the nights will last and last
..dreams will come true..
it's only hours away


Moon Balls

.ralph sampson was, and probably still is, a tall, tall dude. was reminded of him while researching the last consolation game of the final four. happened in 1981. bet that game was riddled with gambling influence. the vegas players. mr brown convinced me the fix was in. politics too. ralph never was as good as akeem the dream. ewing mainly lost. villanova days. the others, gilmore, jabbar, robinson, wilt, russell, duncan. giant men, bigger than the normal big basketball player. shaq ruled for years. second tier includes sikma, cartwright, vlade. the mavs got only chandler, donaldson, bradley, dampier. what a sorry state. a.c. greene won the iron man. thank God for dirk. anyway, was thinking about giants in general and they have always been around. figuratively and literally. casting huge shadows and attracting fixed stares. living above the crowd, paticipating still. 'fat leeeeeveeerrrrr!!', the crazed fan cried out in the hollow arena, mike izzulino getting game time. again, thank God for dirk. figuratively, and with a broader brush, these giant voices rage. creating the dicussions of the future. the young ones are getting taken. alarms are sounding. like a ticker tape. gonna die in debtor's prison. let the jailhouse conversions be celebrated. almost been a christian his whole life. but i will guarantee this one thing--prime on prime, akeem would shut down lebron, while dropping moon balls all night.


Sorry Moods And Daggers


So goes the peace of mind.
A few moments of sanity.
When our souls are open and unafraid.
Understanding the need for fate.
Letting destiny unfold.
Despite the pain and wreckage.


It is a terrible mess.
These lives we make.
Reliance on habits and rituals.
Sorry moods and daggers.
Trying our best to deflect glory.
Forgeting expectations.

The curse of fools.


Gazing With Love

already the wind is picking up.
leaves and dusty earth swirling around.
texas spring winds blowing cool and loud.
window seams and door footers hissing.

carnival callers all died off.
replaced by lit arrows and blue shirts.
communications and cops glowfacing.

using every possible space in the complex.

disco music and dinging noises.

wino hustlers and low rise jeans.

doctor office furniture and broken springs.
ice cream shop open til midnight.
and the outside smokers all have scowls.

the smiles and laughs of the young were real.
a father, showing them how it's done.
folks on the mend and busting out.
talking to one another and gazing with love.  


Jelly Farm

'heyell naw i ain't goin over to that jelly farm.  they got girls with rayzors and wire cutters.'

just a quick one, it's the mashing season and everybody's tired. 

'whatchu think i am, a sucka girl?'

it's just, that, um, ah, well, they asked for you specifically.

'everbody always askin for me huh?'

must be the the way you you roll the calf and finish the feet.

'the feets is the wheels of this world, if you got em.  so if you got em, you oughts to take care of em'

sorry lulubelle, we'll plan better next time.

'you ever see them make that jelly?'

no, why?

'it's an awful mess.  turns my stomach.  three big ole pots of steamin blueberry mash.  cooking all the while.  hot in there too.  some of those old ladies been there fordy years.  makin that jelly ever day.  damn!  glad i became a massage therapist instead.  i coulda been stuck in there foever.  you like my boots?'

i like to see them walking.



Red Towers

...red, blinking towers...lighting the night horizon...eastward from erwin...

Texico (draft): American Margin Call

     No one could have predicted the rise of the Texicans, but many were involved.  Elias T. Woods considered it long ago, on the banks of the Brazos.  Talking late into the night with L. Dean, he understood the Texico dream.  Economically, he knew a Texico future was more fertile, but he questioned the willingness of the people, or even the willingness of the politicians, to revolt from America. 
     At that time, before the towers fell, America was widely considered the lone superpower.  The storefront doors swung open and the world bought America.  And also stole America.  Literally, as chinese and indian hackers stole every piece of data owned by americans, american corporations, american government institutions, american schools of higher education, american museums, american halls of fame, american fincancial institutions, american military infrastructure.  It was a fleece job the likes of which the world had never seen.  Meanwhile, America was sending another big boat to the Persian Gulf to really pressure the Iranians to quit making a nuclear bomb.  The Iranians never looked intimidated. 
     Just like the Brits, America was fighting wars the old way and stumbling along.  Trillions of dollars were borrowed from future generations of americans and foreigners to fund the operation.  New planes and ships and rockets and night vision glasses and jeeps every year.  The president always got a few hats and a blue all-weather jacket to wear around the boats and military bases.  Uncle sam had big, big pockets.  Commanders and chiefs with a tribe of cameras and videoers documenting the whole sad scene. 
     In wait the hackers plotted along with the lenders.  Eventually the days of the American Margin Call arrived and while americans drowned in ten dollar gasoline and double digit inflation, corporations laid off millions.  Chinese were dumping treasuries like the great flood of the world--a  financial flood.  The notes were due.  All the while, Asian replication of the american economy progressed and America's slide to second world country continued.  Once it was disclosed that Ft. Knox held no actual gold, the public was finally outraged.  Even Guantanomo closed down, in an undeclared surrender. 
     By this time the government was so massive, only mirrors could capture the guilty, naive, and dumb.  However, the government didn't lay anyone off, it got bigger.  Factions of dissenters remained, but only Texas was able to organize and prepare effectively.  Only Texas had men and women of adventure, courage, and persistence to follow through.  The bravado, the umph, the vision.  Put your cards on the table and keep your hands where I can see 'em.  Part of the past and ingrained in the Texas earth.  This place will exist long after America, as all places have throughout history.  Empires rise and fall.  The same will likely happen to Texico one day.  Or, perhaps God will decide to end it all prior to that day.  Perhaps Texico is the last empire on earth.                                                    


White Smoke

all the cardinals are in town, the flashbulbs do confirm.
gonna pick pick a pope today, til Jesus Christ returns.

angel armies rise to meet this holy man.
gotta dress just right, to lead this wayward clan.

white smoke gets hazy,
church folks go crazy,
stole all the daisys,
you know the fix is in.

God already decided the way it all would go.
long time before, the white robes picked the pope.

hope the Spirit loves him and listens to his prayers.
hope he leads his church to the God that we all share.           
white smoke gets hazy,
church folks go crazy,
stole all the daisys,
you know the fix is in.


The Glowface Generation

...let it be known.  document accordingly, credit is due and expected.  this declaration serves as my ownership of thought.  the phrase glowface generation has been coined.  it defines a particular age group to be sure, but one that has grown beyond the common bounds of generational discription.  like a virus it spreads, exponential and broad.  connection on a global scale.  the world is at the fingertips.  and the face just glows.  hypnotic trances and busy minds.  the term, used as a noun, verb, or adjective.  what a glowface.  she's glowfacing while driving.  the glowfaced room was quiet and cool.  that's a glowface family.  the phrasiology opportunities stretch far and wide.  through it all the glowfacers are taking over the world.  good for them.  or good for us, i mean.  got a computer in my pocket.  cameras and video everywhere.  a more mellow generation has never been known.  content, but determined.  traditional decisions of limits and privacy will have to be reviewed.  definitions of writing and content mediums will need another look.  the dreaded middlemen will get cut out, desperately dragging as many down with them as possible.  i'll write this about the glowface generation:  they ain't a drag.....copyright/patent/trademarked/2013.



Skeptical Of Common Thought

...starlights in the grey night, shaking the effects of our complete lack of control.  impulses directing the actions, alterations ignored and disputed.  alternately, we know that our decisions are extremly important and ramifications await to validate the wisdom of those decisions.  these ramifications become the reality and decisions made at that point have their own ramifications.  and it goes on and on. and on.  without an adjustment in the decision making process itself, improvement in the wisdom and eventualities is limited.  a good measure is the common sense approach.  not all bad, but always be skeptical of common thought.  or common theory.  or anything common.  be a skeptic of success in this world.  strengthen your soul first and most consistently.  encourage others always.  don't make decisions for other people, except as parent.  prior to children turning eighteen.  morality is not absolute for everybody.  your truth, while true, doesn't have to be imposed on everybody.  or anybody.  you cannot convince by force, but it is a matter of convincing.  to influence by reason is effective, but reason is relative and tiresome.  influence by mockery is perhaps the worst possible way, but one way sadly used in today's religion wars.  the dumb mockers of men.  men meaning humanity, which includes women.  to be clear.  brazen and sloppy fools.  the early judgers.  the thin skinned.  the nervous and uncomfortable.  have good sense... 


My Grapes Are Good

.my grapes are good.
.but my wine is better.
.told me she missed me.
.wrote it in a letter.

.my body is wrecked.
.it's been for awhile.
.gonna rise in the morning.
.gonna yell to the crowd.

.my grapes are good.
.but my wine is better.
.stood atop the mountain.
.gave Him all the credit.

ohhh, you never need any more than He will give.
yeah, He'll let you come to Him again
d                e                   a
and again, and again, and again.