Melt It Away

.generator sounds in the distance
.still got some gasoline

.it is dark now
.the diamonds only glowing

.royal colors and footprints
.last I saw the trees were down

.splinters on this cold night
.the young girls won't wear coats

.guess we're all the same
.but its freezing, you know

.let them learn on their own
.give a test or two

.pick her up at 1030
.before the drinking starts

.the neighbors are together
.fighting for each other

.but the oil is running low
.stocks of food are dwindling

.blood supplies are being rationed
.the linemen know

.the people are strong

.bark eaters and spit drinkers
.we are frozen here

.we are one
.the sun will melt it away

.the Son will melt it away