Gold Something

.get the five dollar bread and the best wine at the corner store.this place is for sale.nickels and dimes.scotch tape price tags.old clothes.not worn out.worn in.knows how to sit just right.happens to pass by.and a glowing smile.the air is musty tonight.the clouds have swelled.provisions are stacked high.shame is gone.blame is accepted.forgiveness is close.oh, to forgive just one person.that can change the world.just that one act of grace.if everyone did.the streaks of hair color.had to grow out.for curiosity is a very strong instinct.'the idea is the machine for the art'.that dude is right.gold something.ten years off the boat and already a manager.adaptability is the action of a sage.claim to know only truth.explain where to find it.love.that is all.think God.I'll ask george burns when I meet him.