This Empty Suit Room

...this empty suit room.full of itself.full of gamers and hypocrites.full of tyrants and theives.kicking the people.tricking the people.sticking it to the people.flags on the lapels.hairspray odor and grease stains.and the talkers tell us all about it.the public folks.the national jokes.the full of smokes.only the crazy can save us.the outlandish.the strange and weird.he said he was God.that great teacher said he was God.and he was.it has been proven.the word confirms.the truth and the light.that is glowface.but that is off topic.back to the scammers and schemers.we heard.we heard.but your words were empty.like your suit.integrity is lost.play the fiddle.Joe had a cotton eye.Jim was slim.Jack was a maniac.John pulled the con.no time for history to decide.taking us on a joy ride.we got thermals for the cold.we got misters for the heat.