Passing Twenties

.just a mule I am.put on that heavy pack and keep walking.waking too.one day it'll all end.time waits for no one.it ain't gonna wait for me.no one else is gonna get on the ladder.no one else is gonna drive that tollway road.keep muling it man.passing twenties around like a deck of cards.that one eyed jack is the snake.queens sit and wait for the lower classes to fold.this is the mating season.all my mates done gone away.cooking for the following day.pack a lunch and grease the axles.drive with the windows down and the sunroof open.let the wind whip your hair and cool your sweat.catch up on the tragedies and try to pray constantly.fire off a message or two.give accolades and high fives.a sober season of beatness.an unsettling within and reliance on truth.an awful demeanor and manufactured smiles.grown men know.used up and cornered.made a fool and trampled.an accepted role of crazed protector.an embraced role really.the stare and the silence.the telling.not asking.awkwardness is fine with me.