.a permanent record
.the digital footprints
.guided by celebrity and consumerism
.motivated by satisfaction moments
.unaware of the future ahead
.as we all should be
.resting calmly for good reason
.truth is a powerful thing
.but resting gets old
.we think we are needed


.rest and shine even a dim light
.the way for one person
.it is worth your life
.knowing it will never end
.asked how I know
.that's the word
.deliberate is the pace



.gotta balance this ship
.raise the anchors
.find a drinking hole
.order a shot of moonshine
.light it on fire and shoot it fast
.wake up those insides
.clean up your attic son
.wash all the windows baby
.fire still burning in my gut
.mind is full of raw nerve endings
.beyond description and explanation

.if worthy
.if responsible
.if compelled

.spill it out
.tell em twice.