Huxlian World

.more huxlian than orwellian.it is a brave new world
.revisited in the 60s and found to be speeding at a high rate.and we got rates to spare.birth rates
.death rates.interest rates
.heart rates.tax rates
.unemployment rates.likability rates
.hotel rates.parasailing rates
.green fee rates.drink rates
.we are pacified and calm.manipulated and confused
.the hard work's been done.eliminate the mad and unbreakable
.a raging and committed mob.all because of no term limits
.congressional dictatorship.those fools think they got us fooled
.two parties in cahoots.for years and years
.convinced that we are the chosen.which we are, but so is everybody else
.convinced God needs us.He wants us
.yep He does.He don't need jack, jack
.we are all chosen to choose.we have help in deciding
.oh Holy Spirit.live forgiven
.those radical reverend words.counted 365 waves before 7:50am
.distracted by music.photographic paralysis
.lock that moment forever.digital immortality
.erwin park has a hollow wooden sound.protest of the protest
.boarded that boat in the open seas.a speed cruiser with seasick sailors
.and sailorettes.you got what you got around here
.beautiful.beautiful creatures
.good Lord.my oh my
.walking by, walking by.I'm just waiting on a friend
.got my smooth skinned lady.full and complete peace is a lie while oxygen still needs to be breathed
.but there are times.the good times of the senses
.because i like my fish cooked, you see.in butter and garlic
.prepared.don't need proof it's fresh
.good chefs have integrity.obsessive owners
.the only way.she did it
.came down from high in the sky.hit the deck, safe and sound
.this world ain't scary honey.it is brave and new.