From Where Thought Is Formed

*to the searchers of glory, the finders of mercy, the shame inspired, the guilt inspired, the tuned out.
*turn your attention to important matters, take a moment to consider, salvation and how it all turns out.

*get away from your worn path and walk across the streets, through the fields, over the divides.
*plan to use some time to follow the hunch, check out the tip, learn a bit more, follow the night lights.

*go to the edge, the very tip of the cliff, peer over and stare at the earth, it's peaks and valleys and ruts.
*think of looking from space like a satellite, watching from the stars, telescopes fixed on all of us.

*scurrying about like chaotic soldiers, waiting for the next command, standing and glowing on the dock
*spotlight the unknown, tune into the unheard, illuminate the unseen, speak the unspeakable, eat the rot.

*chime in with your opinions you busy minds, pretend to understand, pretend to try, through the motions.
*knock back two or three and drink a glass of tea in between, close your eyes and think of the ocean.

*the globe shaking always, sending waves thousands of miles, water always finding it's way to land.
*alone on this lifeboat, gasping for humid air, humming always and thinking of songs for the band.

*mind control of sorts, occupiers of it's time, it's reflexes and currents, from where thought is formed.
*sometimes called the soul, it is actually a function of our brain, where truth is known and sin is born.