..it should not be tolerated..
..certainly not applauded..
..song called new slaves..
..performer will go unnamed..
..bout the dumbest thing i've heard..
..yes, vulgar and idiotic..
..self pity on steroids..
..a 1st grader throwing an adult fit..
..he gonna bust stuff up..
..wonder what the marketing department thinks..
..street cred man, street cred..
..all those simple minds out there will buy it up..
..i know it ain't music..
..like with instruments and stuff..
..but he's on the mic..
..owning the stage..
..wanna sell more t shirts..
..the fashion industry awaits..
..to test out the new fabrics..
..to change the scene..
..to throw out the old and sell in the new..
..on a three year cycle..
..for the mainline trends..
..perpetual and sustainable growth model..
..the consumer's responsibility..
..and addiction..
..back to the kanyeoke performer..
..why don't you call a news conference..
..tell us why you ain't gonna take it no more..
..the injustices shown..
..the irs done done you wrong..
..so did that dude in the hamptons..
..you really do that to his wife..
..don't tear me down..
..don't air me out..
..this other dude with sandals and a robe got my ear..
..teaching about the patient and kind..
..preaching bout faith and love..
..proclaim Him as your slave master..