Blues Is Best in A Small Bar

the eternal mind laughs loudly
if only we could stop the raging of others

oh, the days when we described silence
noises from places other than ourselves

the twangy singer could move her hips
but no one has the voice of cray

thank you very kindly
the cavernous place was filled

gittery musicians and ponytail holders
parking was easy

ten dollar drinks were worth it
the brother of stevie ray

showed him his first chops
referred to as the badest man

and he was
hammond organ lifted the place

blues is best in a small bar
the glowing advertisements

golf courses and city magazines
struggling stair climbers with canes

renegade radio--knon-- left some stickers
lyrics on a hotel notepad

parlor guitar from 1856 looked like it would play
blind lemon jefferson played it in the early 20's

one thing is clear
nobody wants to listen to the blues

yawns and early departures
before smoking gun

encore was the best of the night
silence quieter as the room emptied

the strings rang grief and defeat
the blues found