Swaying California Brown

em                            g                
just drove up from kerrville
em                               c
been sunning in the guadalupe river
g            c                d          c
saw the brightest sky ever last night
g        d            em           c
venus shining like a spotlight

c                   g
i'll have another
d                      c
make it two or three
em                         g
keep 'em on ice my honey
c                             g
come and dance with me

tidy cafe in a one light town
near dublin coming home
texas ranches go on forever
buzzards sit atop cliffs and wait it out

i'll have another
make it two or three
keep 'em on ice my honey
come and dance with me

hooked by the swaying california brown
military men all get in line
college degree and beans with chili
the road is open and the sights are hilly