Mind's In A Knot

ever wanna shake it out
ever wanna get it out
e7                                            d7
thought you and me could work it out
e7                  a7
right here at home.

think it might be our destiny
always be you and me
write down all my philosophies
try to stay unknown.

d7                           a7
ohhh, found her in a rush 
ohhh, told her bout my crush
ohhh, my mind's in a knot 
e7         d7                e7                    a7     
tell me please tell me if you love me or not          

could be a bullet could be a knife
we might live long long lives
you'll pay for all your lies
before your done.

tryin' to stay on a roll
regrets that my heart's been closed
time'll keep on taking it's toll
soon we'll be gone.