Jungle Vines

into the costa rican waters we waded
on the hunt for natives and bounty
floated on a battered ship for months
for the chance at riches and fame

set your braids just right darlings
make sure your hat is pulled down tight

trapped in a net of jungle vines and leaves
a two-eyed one nosed spiked haired man looking down on me
a spear blade sticking in my side
jibberish is spoken to a few others that arrived

eat a bite of something in the morning
just to get you going girls

a few kicks later i finally screamed out
thought maybe if i acted like a crazed man they would scatter
they talked some more and eventually began giddy laughing
released me from the net and hooked me to a large limb

keep your friendships in perspective
you're in school to learn honeys

two natives picked up either side of the limb
carried me through the jungle with no concern for my groans
approched what looked like a small village or a tidy campsite
set me above the fire and that's when i passed out.

chicks, boys only have one thing on their minds
and when they become men, nothing changes