Fleece The Fools

all the walking that we do all the searching for the gold
been awake all night my love i think i'm getting close

the way out is leap of faith like a city street midnight run
the lungs fill up with motor fumes and the robbers have the guns

private undertakers they know the world will turn to ash
sold the line about a huge success gonna go out in a higher class

their blood is blue, they have no clue, the rulers have aligned
making rules to fleece the fools, don't think i'm inclined

already got their hearts
already got their minds
no no no, can't let you have their souls
they've been claimed by the King and soon they'll be going home.

from the towns in the backwood waters near the alligator swamps
men and women with stories to tell about greasing the right palms

checked into a hotel room saw the lights of boston's night
all i could do was shine my shoes and i went out for a bite    

capo 4