Speed, The Villain

june, a year ago, had a concept explained regarding time and it's static nature.
no, i huffed originally, time waits for no one, it's always on the move.

time, it was argued, is the most serene and peaceful thing on this earth.
it's humanity that's on the move. the slow ones, the fast ones.

only a few, the still ones we'll call them, understand time's true properties.
possibly, it's the most heaven-like aspect of our very early eternal life.

time is certainly truth we've decided as we acclimate over the centuries.
again, darwin was partially right, except for the monkeys.

our conformity is motivated by pure selfishness. we can't help it.
you can overcome, i protested vigorously, you can decide to think of others first.

you can choose, but you can only choose to overcome your selfishness, he said.
continuing, points were made about killing your own nature and co-crucifixion.

it made perfect sense in that moment, and still does. the burden is gone.
choices and choices await our decisions. consequences to follow.

speed, the villain. not taking the time. in reality, stillness is time....