Two Step

c                                                 f
who knows if you get a buick or a bentley.
c                                                 g
who needs to know your point of view.
who cries to the moonlight,
who turns the lights out at night.
g                            f                           c
look around and find your dancing boots.

give me answers to all my psyco questions.
give me an expert in shakedown tecniques.
give me hearts and starlets,
give me art and flavored sparks.
heater nights walking cobbeled streets.

whatcha think they doing in playa del carmen.
shouldn't we just sleep in this hammock all day.
breeze blows from the windows,
she knows he will never go.
haggling for a chess set with a mexican sage.

tell me the truth of the happily ever afters.
tell me of the blame and the broken faith.
bet the under, hear the thunder,
ever wonder when our love will come.
two step like we did in the early days.


Shy In St. Louis

stepped on the st augustine
cool it was on my bare feet
planned a humdinger of a party
stayed up late swaying to the rythyms
haunted houses all shut down
get a permit or walk around the lake
like a cake without frosting
don't want to see you cook my food
scrubs and spas and leather chairs
scents and sheens and darkened lamps
two pitches shy in saint louis
all the women make us smile again


Texico (Draft): The Second Louisiana Purchase

     A provision to provide a needed balance in the initial population of Texico was evident from the start.  The solution led to the 'Gone To Texico' campaign.  As part of the agreement to combine the legal nation of Texas with the nation of Mexico, a four year timeline was laid out stipulating the manuevers, needed negotiations, compromises, and agreements to officially create the nation of Texico.  The Texico Papers, written by L. Dean Fitzgerald and published several years before, had clearly indicated that private land ownership was extremely important to the development of a truly great nation.  'Gone to Texico' was the marketing effort to influence americans, canadiens, africans, europeans, egyptians, indians, japanese, australians, vikings, chinese, cubans, or eskimos to buy land and move to Texas during the four year timeline, beginning in 2018.  Despite Washington's continuous legal interventions and delay tactics, the courts had spoken and Texas was legally a country.  Due to the very low taxes on income and goods, the economy thrived and the Texas and Mexico business bonds grew strong in the pre-Texico days.  
     The greatest suburb builders in the history of the world, the mexicans, were building homes, businesses, and cities from Athens to Archer City.  In a sign of the times, the United States sold Lousiana to Texas in 2020 so it could actually keep the american government open.  Louisiana, long neglected and ridiculed, was too expensive to keep in the Union.  Texas paid $1 Trillion dollers and in return got New Orleans and courtroom peace from the Americans.  The revolution was over.  The cajuns gladly went along, our frenchmen and mudwomen of the swamps.  The gator hunters and juke joint jazz queens.  Down to 48 states and half the gulf of Mexico.  Andrew Jackson was turning in the dirt.  The Second Louisiana Purchase was sure to be a part of Texico lore.  By 2022, when the nation of Texico came to be, the Mexican population was 200 million, swelled by central and south american immigration, and Texas had grown to 215 million.  The encouraged combination of all cultures led to an acceptance of diversity, starlets of all shapes and sizes, and electric-neon-lighted Texico nights.  No bordertowns existed, although the Red River had to be reinforced at times due to frequent Okie annexation uprisings and everything possible was done in Baja to prevent the Californian from unknowingly entering Tijuana.                


No White Lights

it's a big
ole world.
time lapses
with hues.

just a color

blondes do
more fun.

outright definance
can't believe
the words.

thirty seconds
of no
white lights.

gasping for life
it's life.

true courageousness


Letterhead Designs

the heartless bastard.
straining for his fix.
letterhead designs.

diamonds in plastic folders.
looking into the headlights.
dove of serenity.

partly out of desire.
also out of curiosity.
spreading across the plains.

come to roost in the women.
as they protect their lands.
i'm going if you're going.


It's Only Sleep

only when politics were considered did it all go south
expectations and stands
living with only the mad became irrational

people littered the floors
dreams unrealized, like they always are. and should be.
dissappointment follows followed by a forgetting

the forgetting was the best part. expectations gone.
back to the source of life
understanding and learning

not everyone has to be a teacher all the time
as if it were even possible
appreciation does have it's charms

and people deserve the opportunity to be appreciative
gratfulness in such short supply
but expectations return and it begins again

worry when there are no expectations
never to be remembered
choose your sleepless nights wisely

they indicate some needed action
the noises this time of morning!
it's only sleep


Long Johns

admiring the screaming, yelling, and tight-fisted resolve. will be even more entertaining when the winter storms come. maybe we could set up a paint ball war on the plains of nebraska (about the middle of the country, seems like) between the tp and ows folks. i can see it now, everyone checking their smart phones for official surrender, hoping to hell it comes quick cause most have to get back to work (or be fired) cause they used up their sick days and vacation. a common complaint likely heard from both sides on the field of battle. "Ouch!, that paintball really stings. hey man, can't you see i've already been shot. i'm on base." maybe we could call in the Oxygen Channel to sponsor it and pick up the bill for production costs. a reality show.

i love the singers, especially the guitar pickers, and the repeat speeches are cool. however, one piece of advice for the ows crowd, you should avoid making comparisons to the late 60's...just avoid it. in hindsight, the baby boomer's self defining era, produced a bunch of bull shit>>>

**70's...death of rock and roll. disco gets blamed, but it was more of a response to death. a grieving. high point of the divorce rate. no self respecting lady will put up with free love for long. oil lines and the beginnings of arab/american conflict and business ventures. jimmy carter (billy beer being a delightful suprise).

**80's...can we go ahead and settle this right now? prince is better than michael jackson. and was. big malls. economy dependent on Christmas sales. Jesus would really dig that, hmm. hollywood invades the white house. and why not? air traffic controllers everywhere..all together now.."reagan was a punk!"

**90's...the lamest president ever sullied the cigar industry. and the white house. grunge died too soon. bush sr. wimped out at the kuwait border. and raised our taxes. we should have voted in perot. he woulda told the saudis off long ago and bin laden would have died before y2k. the internet is cool.

**00's...idea. gwb and algore could lead the forces in the beforementioned paintball war between tp and ows. kinda like a reunion of the 2000 election battle. they could use smart phones, of course, from their own homes. both known for inspiring words. figureheads, really, to fire up the troops. 9/11 was a damned shame. however, we rose from the ashes and everybody, everywhere got a mortgage. job or no job. nashville really choked. public radio (91.7 in dallas) the only real place to hear music. no thumbs up or down desired, or needed.

other than that our boomer generation, the generation after the greatest generation, had a spontaneous plea for 'peace' in the late sixties and disappointed themselves, and others, ever since. the old folks need to move along now and let the Xers clean up the mess. we know we're not getting no Social Security until we get to be 80. so keep on screaming, yelling, and standing strong owsers. you tp folks too. money will dictate the beginning and end of everything to come on this planet as long as it's around. like earth's constant truth from the beginning. i'd rather have some than not, but we'll all be tested in prosperity and poverty at some point. suffer, persevere, build character, then hope.

owsers, get yer long johns out!



caught a clearance sale and bought two pair
one with checks, one that flared
made sure her sunglasses stayed on tight
cleaned out her closet in the middle of the night

he's a howlie, he don't know it
a howlie, the locals know it
she's a howlie, she's in heat
tanning oil not far from her reach

back bowl blake just got off the lift
nose shining white and warm fingertips
north face leanna with hair in a bun
her miserable eyes protected from the sun

he's a howlie, he don't know it
a howlie, the locals know it
she's a howlie, she's in heat
started to howl at eleven thousand feet

thirteen pockets for his walk in the woods
rainproof boots help him walk like he should
she's over there just a slapping at the bugs
got no king size beds or persian rugs

he's a howlie, he don't know it
a howlie, the locals know it
she's a howlie, she's in heat
she screamed out loud down by the creek




the clawing and burning make-believe world of our imaginations.
drawing the boundries of everything we decide to hold close and dear.
the ending finds us prepared to say 'so long' complete and happy.
questions all answered with only history to determine worthiness.

all the giants and monsters curling in corners and hiding their eyes.
knowing full well the damage caused and the hearts ripped in two.
for them comes judgement and the electrocutions and hangings.
guilty as a beggarman with a rolex and two pairs of nunchucks.

the righteous wail and moan for the lost souls of charming ignorance.
amusement hounds and infinity seekers clamour and flee the law.
cool winds calm the cabin and smells of pine and roasted porkchops rise.
a particularly flavorful piece cut from the rack above the coals and ash.