Long Johns

admiring the screaming, yelling, and tight-fisted resolve. will be even more entertaining when the winter storms come. maybe we could set up a paint ball war on the plains of nebraska (about the middle of the country, seems like) between the tp and ows folks. i can see it now, everyone checking their smart phones for official surrender, hoping to hell it comes quick cause most have to get back to work (or be fired) cause they used up their sick days and vacation. a common complaint likely heard from both sides on the field of battle. "Ouch!, that paintball really stings. hey man, can't you see i've already been shot. i'm on base." maybe we could call in the Oxygen Channel to sponsor it and pick up the bill for production costs. a reality show.

i love the singers, especially the guitar pickers, and the repeat speeches are cool. however, one piece of advice for the ows crowd, you should avoid making comparisons to the late 60's...just avoid it. in hindsight, the baby boomer's self defining era, produced a bunch of bull shit>>>

**70's...death of rock and roll. disco gets blamed, but it was more of a response to death. a grieving. high point of the divorce rate. no self respecting lady will put up with free love for long. oil lines and the beginnings of arab/american conflict and business ventures. jimmy carter (billy beer being a delightful suprise).

**80's...can we go ahead and settle this right now? prince is better than michael jackson. and was. big malls. economy dependent on Christmas sales. Jesus would really dig that, hmm. hollywood invades the white house. and why not? air traffic controllers everywhere..all together now.."reagan was a punk!"

**90's...the lamest president ever sullied the cigar industry. and the white house. grunge died too soon. bush sr. wimped out at the kuwait border. and raised our taxes. we should have voted in perot. he woulda told the saudis off long ago and bin laden would have died before y2k. the internet is cool.

**00's...idea. gwb and algore could lead the forces in the beforementioned paintball war between tp and ows. kinda like a reunion of the 2000 election battle. they could use smart phones, of course, from their own homes. both known for inspiring words. figureheads, really, to fire up the troops. 9/11 was a damned shame. however, we rose from the ashes and everybody, everywhere got a mortgage. job or no job. nashville really choked. public radio (91.7 in dallas) the only real place to hear music. no thumbs up or down desired, or needed.

other than that our boomer generation, the generation after the greatest generation, had a spontaneous plea for 'peace' in the late sixties and disappointed themselves, and others, ever since. the old folks need to move along now and let the Xers clean up the mess. we know we're not getting no Social Security until we get to be 80. so keep on screaming, yelling, and standing strong owsers. you tp folks too. money will dictate the beginning and end of everything to come on this planet as long as it's around. like earth's constant truth from the beginning. i'd rather have some than not, but we'll all be tested in prosperity and poverty at some point. suffer, persevere, build character, then hope.

owsers, get yer long johns out!