Mosquito Vulgarities

well, the time i went over to the bar near the strand,
the one by the halo sign, i encountered a mosquito.
standing outside, looking for drink specials.
he was a huge mother! bigger than a dragonfly!
he sat on my arm a minute, seemed like, and buzzed.
a sound i've heard before, and would after. loud it was.
louder, i mean, than normal. with a healthy looking tail,
full of blood i suspected.
thought it was too hot for mosquitos, but it had rained.
i didn't trust this mosquito and knew he, or she, would strike.

the blood suckin' led me to decide it was female.
to my misfortune, i failed to act in my defense,
probably due to misguided empathy.
after a sharp pain, the vulgarity, and a late slap,
immediately a rising, iching, wound appeared.
knowing the days of discomfort to come,
another vulgarity was released,
and then a rush to the indoors, into the bar.
the bartender provided a cube of ice,
and a drop of tequila soothed before and after the shot.