Suburban Ghetto

a slow burner
white linen shirt soaked
pounding on the stage
each foot just keeping the beat
one, boom boom
one, boom boom
waltzes and 4/4 time
brown felt hat, sharp rim
yells from the cooks
to the cooks!
shoulda turned the radio to 91.7
that nashville sound sucks
a suburban ghetto
catering vans lined the back rows
breaking news and day counters
on a 96 magnavox
the music rises at 6
no breaks til after 8
welcome the friday night meat eaters
make the kiddos dance
tell stories of west texas girls
and late night lake drives
hoboken jail songs and harps
another year for lorrine
might as well keep on writin'
merle and willie
pancho and lefty
visions of johanna
paid in the stomach
tips to spend
lights to cut
a final nod