Rodeo Night In Texas

free hats for the kids, if that traffic jam would clear up. always late out the door, even for her first rodeo. one road in. ticket window was jammed, the cashier explaining the policy on corral seating. free hats indeed, larger sizes for the bigger kids. right then and there we asked a man about our tickets. he pointed all the way down to the far end of the arena and told us where we could sit. we found a good spot eventually and settled in. me and my chicks. the atmosphere was electrified and chicken fried. smell of a rodeo.  red, soft, dirt covered the arena, seats and fences framing the dusty stage. cowboys came and did their rodeoing. bucking, roping, tieing, chasing, lassoing, limping, and hurting. cowgirls too. riding fast. 15.42 seconds took first place. that girl from oklahoma was ticked. the little bulls bucked the girl riders quick. they even got interviews and introductions. must be something--and rare--to see a cowgirl on a bull. the men got the big bulls. bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles all tested severly and misguidedly.  that dude from stephensville rode to the end, chatty and victorious. not sure of the overall winner, looked like there were several, but those cowboys and cowgirl earned thier money if they won any. and the losers don't get a dime.  we rooted for the locals.  all were athletes, especially the animals, and they let the buckers run free at the end to constant applause and spotlights.  another guy in red, white, and blue rode two horses at once. the clowns sure have changed from when i remember. the clown was a clown and that is not a compliment. the announcer was good. as they always are at the rodeo. at 10, the lights were cut and a rush to the trucks. rodeo night in texas.