Gutter World

c                                       g         c
don't waste your time wishing for peace
f                                      c
cause peace ain't gonna come
c                                       g         c
people are cranky and selfish and mean
g                        f        c
there's not a peaceful one

amber vision eyes and waves of grain
our greatness is make believe
the rotten mullahs and men of God
should be hanging from a tree

g                                           f           c
thought i'd find peace if i closed my eyes
g                                   c
and prayed to the Holy Spirit
g                                          f            c
He talked back to me and said listen son
g                                     c
death is peace so don't fear it

since that time i've lived free and clear
holding on to the truth
gotta live through this gutter world
before we can eat the fruit

nothing is really the end of the world
crashes or wars or sex
we worry and fret and loose our sleep
we become emotional wrecks

what you need is a healthy apathy
to the troubles of this life
help people along this dirty path
peace on earth is such a lie