Scattered And Starved

the walkers, the deciders
the flimsy and the flooded
claiming repeatedly
always sayin'

through the tunnels and flows
near paradise and ebbs
slurring words and stumbling
always sayin'

the junkies and the beaten
the heartless, the wailers
counting days and nights and seasons
always sayin'

the screamers, the lush
the noiseless space
scattered and starved
always sayin'


Flags Unfurled

had a dream about losing a girl
my girl, independent and wise

saw a scene where flags unfurled
salute the folks who had to die

you are the princes
you are the queens
dancing in the clouds
i can hear you sing 

walked the plank of blackbeard's ship
anchored just off the shore

kissed her lips and whispered prayers
she'll get her mercy from the Lord

you are the princes
you are the queens
dancing in the clouds
i can hear you sing

days of floating 'round a dug up hole
watching tribes gather 'round the band

my girl came back and she wouldn't let go
love never goes according to plan

i can hear you sing
i can hear you sing
i can hear you sing
i can hear you sing


Looks Like T' Me

naw man, i'm gonna stay right here.
you guy's go on and have yer fun.
i'm gonna sit here and feel the sitting.
"aw man, that's jus crazy talk."
naw it ain't.
"you jus a fool ol man."
a fool to you.
if you a fool to a fool that makes you not a fool.
you'll figure it out one day boy.
like i says, go on and have yer fun.
but before you scoot.
let me give you another bit of advise.
if ye ain't too dumb to listen.
now now, shut up, I'm talking.
if yer gonna be all into sin.
sin bravely will ya please.
"what's this crazy cat talkin' 'bout sinning bravely."
crazy's right.
crazy for love, crazy for peace, crazy for joy.
i almost can't take it no mo'.
your jive talkin' struttin' fool self don't have love, peace, or joy.
looks like t' me.
now run on, i'm tryin' to feel myself sit.
"aw, you jus a fool ol man."

Martin Luther in 1521...
“If you are a preacher of grace, then preach a true and not a fictitious grace; if grace is true, you must bear a true and not a fictitious sin. God does not save people who are only fictitious sinners. Be a sinner and sin boldly, but believe and rejoice in Christ even more boldly, for he is victorious over sin, death and the world. As long as we are here [in this world] we have to sin. This life is not the dwelling place of righteousness, but, as Peter says, we look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.”


Punk Rocks

a lion in a japanese shop,
you've heard the term,
whistling so everyone hears,
big noggin and flowing hair,
always want to inflict knee damage,
a quick hit to the patella,
aim for the acl or mcl,
bring that loudmouth down,
make him shake in pain,
humbled and repentant.

cross the i's and dot the t's,
you've heard the term,
nothing left to chance,
meticulous and planned,
from where no time exists,
grave markers are frauds,
giving an end to the unending,
mark me with a memory,
and a quick song,
punk rocks.


Out Of 91 Faces

three were applying makeup,
masterfully and precise.

about eight of ten wore frowns,
like permanent mourning.

one guy looked catatonic,
literally with one eye asleep.

at least ten or twelve were laughing,
alone, but laughing, probably the radio.

most wore shades and pulled shades,
all kinds of eye protection and cool.

some looked paniced at the late hour,
those the world somehow really needs.

only two of them looked back at me,
and i nodded, the observers of faces.

thumbwork and audio communication didn't stop,
the social circle pulse continues.

don't like to idle,
like to move,
so i can get settled.


E The Moaner

blues are real stories set to music.
and if missing real stories and music,
real stories must be made to music.

first, get a guitar.
it's the easiest travel instrument,
and travel is what it'll take to get good stories.

kiss somebody goodbye, pack lightly, and start walking.
some of them stories would haunt the listener,
sending them into your blue moments.

temporary relocations are available to anywhere.
national geographic scenes, underwater, in space,
spiney deserts, erased forests, natives clad in rags.

from there, find a good chord combination and tap out a melody.
don't forget about minor chords and seven chords,
e the moaner, a the yeller, d the weeper.

sing what you wrote, aloud to brothers and sisters you've never met.
many will nod, some will hand you cash, most will ignore,
but it won't matter, cause you'll have the blues.


Spare Tires

incredible voice, a masterpiece of sound
the presence you possess, impressive

you are on your way, your destiny awaits
our arrows mean we love you, you're welcome

diversity is what seperates you, just impressive
moved, inspired, lifted, the range of emotions

the journey of the road ahead, spotlight moments
glitter and glamour, multiple personal assistants

show tunes and dances, bass players and drummers
respect is scarce, the known reality of the production

morning shows and late shows, magazine interviews
freedom of expression clouding the judgments

chase the camera, then the camera chases you
you pretend to be annoyed, but you're hooked

hits and plays and cuts and tracks and drinks
performance art and creative art confused again


Texican Meat Soup (Chili)

to make a good chili, you gotta start with the meat selection. shoulder roast is best, for sure, but more importantly the way you get it ground up is critical. ask the butcher for the chili meat cut and get about 3 pounds. it will be lean so that will make quite a bit. enough for six to eight. mainly with chili, it's about the spices you don't use. many will dazzle you with concoctions of ridiculous proportions. spices of unknown orgin. strangely, always leaving out the pepper. here's the deal, all you need is a bunch of chili power and cumin, perhaps combining whole seeds and cumin powder, in a 2/1 ratio. you then have the basis of chili. salt and pepper at the very end. i've eaten horrible chili before. chili with kahlua, chili with chocolate, white chili. i've left many full bowls of chili on the table due to taste issues. the creativity comes next. tomato sauce and diced tomatoes are a given, but here's where you should take note. rotel. yes, the mexican and queso staple. it will add the proper spice to finish off the pot of texican meat soup. a quick chopped whole onion should be cooked along with the meat intitially, fresh garlic added in the latter stages. cook it long, cook it low. honestly, it should be cooled and refridgerated overnight to really taste it's true potential and experience its perfectly tender texture. serve with corn chips, raw onions, sharp chedder, and sliced avacodos. light english beer goes good. ice water too.  beans should be eaten at a seperate meal.


Still Mother

your big beautiful eyes, still beautiful
your shining light of hope, still shining
your loving servant heart, still serving
your glorious smile, still glorious
your peaceful sleeping, still peaceful
your mother soul, still mothering
your scents of flowers, still scenting
your love of God, still absolute
your family is together, still
your family loves you, still
your family adores you, still
and always.


The Coolness Of Dawn

what he said he could never take back
the careful reluctance of his words
understanding the fate ahead
with anticipation and restlessness
a confused state of affairs to be sure
but at times completely exhilarating
this world with its distractions and taboos
tip-toeing the border of repentance and grace
oh, and it becomes more important than anything else
this wayward albatross
sleep is taken like candy beat out of a pineada
rash colors prevail and a slow-cooked peace hovers
what he wrote will be forgotten
forgotten, absolutely, by most who looked and read
but one will remember, remember a phrase, a glance
keep on the light, let the night linger, write at the coolness of dawn


Girls Gonna Get Me To The Promised Land

failing love, is there any other kind
failing love, like a nursury ryhme
g                                                   f
failing love, with your heart in your hand
            c            g                  f               c  
put that bum that you loved in the garbage can

funny love, tries hard every time
funny love, clears hearts and minds
funny love, when love is at it's most
hit the hills in the summer, in the winter hit the coast

stubborn love, heart breaks every day
stubborn love, keeps the devil away
stubborn love, watches visions come true
despite crying all night cause you got the blues

heartache love, when prayers are lifted heighest
heartache love, when you scream out for the Christ
heartache love, you'll know it's near the end
these girls gonna get me to the promised land