We Still Got Trees

fighting through the jungle i see thorns and sticks and weeds
hacking every stump i cross, running from my own misdeeds
we torched his evil garden and we created paradise
we said that nothing mattered, indulge in it's delights

but we still got trees
have some empathy
want to fall to my knees and plead

happy days, they come and then the blues come falling down
we can't have what we want, and we want it right now
look at that money man, posing like a king
if the mask came off that man, he'd be shaking in his sleep

but we still got trees
have some empathy
want to fall to my knees and plead

what if you had to watch your life go up in flames
would you run back in the place to save the sinners and the saints
cause you can take the easy way and live a fruitful life
or you can take the dirty way and die broke and lean and tired  

but we still got trees
have some empathy
want to fall to my knees and plead





Terminal Love

the house is empty, started thinking 'bout
what if you went away
i'll face the sin i taste, i'll do my best to rearrange
my heart's true desires
throw out the welcome mat, catch you where your at
you'll never be the same
trust what was truly said, watched as my brothers bled
their hearts spilled on the floor
the books are empty, they don't take you anywhere
don't stop to realize
harsh winds of heat and ice cover the land
the shaking seas loom
turn to the front and look upward, it's in the stars
they've scattered about
talk of it, what you know, what you've seen
terminal love
terminal love
terminal love
terminal love




The Doom For The Dumb

hardly a day goes by
that laughter does not win
the irony is too real
or, perhaps, not real

in late summer heat
we all boil a little
tolerance of much
becomes hard to tolerate

the paved hill was steep
we walked, balancing
a book i read the other day
claimed balance as another sense

we took the easy way out
frustrations left to thumbs
preoccupied and restless
the doom for the dumb


Bruise On My Side

who ya gonna break up
who ya gonna shake up
can't you make your mind up
i'm working for the man

everything is stone cold
knew it when i got told
i'm just thinking oh no
what'll i do now

closed my eyes and asked Him
what He thinks about my plan
said look at your life man
you got no reason to whine

finally slept at 3am
under a ceiling fan
i'm paid up on the rent
got a bruise on my side


Texico (Draft): The Texico Papers

There are many founding documents that are important to the Texico balance of individual liberty and governmental controls.  Mainly, these guiding documents are meant to encourage economic success for the citizens of Texico while maintaining the international relationships critical for relative world-wide peace.  The most important and enduring document is The Texico Papers.  Penned in 2013 by L. Dean Fitzgerald and Elias T. Woods, it's adoption and protection laid the foundation for the rapid rise of Texico's revolutionary economic and social cultures.

The Texico Papers
dated july 4th, 2013

1.  Land Ownership.  The owner of any real estate has sole desicion-making over what is lawfully produced on or from the land or any structure fixed to the land.

2.  Federal Taxes.  The Texico federal government is entitled to 1% of all private revenue.

3.  Defense.  The Texico federal government will maintain a comprehensive elite force to proactively protect country and interests.  This is solely the responsibility of the Executive Branch.

4.  Private Business.  Is actively encouraged. 

5.  Estados.  The Estados of Brazos, Trinity, Galveston, Pecos, Ogallala, Lousiana, Delta, Yucatan, Chihuahua, Baja, Tabasco, Veracruz, and Mexico are the governing entities.  The elected Senador of the estado maintains sufficient staff to enforce criminal law.  Senadors are elected by popular vote every 6 years for a maximum of one term.  In addition, the offices of  President, Vice President, and Attorney General of Texico are determined by the popular vote of each Senador, every 3 years, for a maximum of two terms.  The Secretarys of Defense, Truth, and State will be appointed by the President.  Texico shall always have an odd number of estados to prevent ties.

6.  The Truth of the Apostle's Creed.  True until proven wrong.

7.  Branches of Federal Government.  The two established branches of the Federal Government are the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch.  Pure democracy in the form of popular vote will determine all legislative decisions including, but not limited to, passing laws, reversing laws, approving budgets, approving judicial nominees, and impeachment.  Legislative voting will occur twice a year for a period of 48 hours each season.  Early spring, early fall.  The Executive Branch includes the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Secretary of Truth.  Primary functions are promoting economic success for Texico and it's citizens, leading an efficient and elite military, appointing judges, budgeting national revenue, national sports teams, and enforcement of laws.  Budget is 1% of all private revenue.  The are 3 levels of Judges for federal matters, all appointed by the President of Texico and approved by a popular vote of the citizens of Texico.  The first level are Arbitrars, the second level are Magistrates, and the final level is a 5-Judge Forum.  All judges are eligible to serve for 12 total years and any judge may be impeached by a 2/3 popular vote of the citizens of Texico. 

8.  Voting.  All voting is done in via the internet and the lone shared responsibily of the Executive and Judicial branches is to establish an all-inclusive, secure, voting process.

9.  Personal Protection.  The right to responsibly own a gun is undeniable and everlasting.

10.  Sports.  Texico will maintain an active and competitive national sports program aligned with current Olympic sports events. 



Got The Word Blues

so much has already been said
understood what you wanted
then i dropped the stupid game
discussions of hope on the bridge
always'll wonder 'bout what it was
just don't know what it was
i think i'm out of words
i might be out of words
i can't find the words, the words aren't coming

but my mind has already exploded
finding visions to talk about
thought we'd always smirk at each other
see the future in a looking glass
the future will be there waiting
it's what petty said about waiting
i'm looking for the words
i'm listening for the words
i think i hear the words, the words just keep a'coming




The Okie Sixty Nine

the water tower's falling down there's a castle over there.
in muskogee all the women color their hair.
go up miami way and you get lost in the trees.
got to pay two bucks for tore up bumpy street.

on the okie 69.
doing 85.
heading south from Big Cabin.
we're gonna cross the Red River tonight

every town you pass has tomotoes from the vine.
for sale in covered shacks adorned with a sign.
saw some corn 10 ears for 5 bucks.
someone wrote on a 18 wheeler, "God bless this truck."


plenty of Choctaw natives and a tribe of Cherokee.
still stand on the cliffs of rock and watch the enemy.
car lots, casinos, and business parks collide.
where speed zones and the trooper man reside.


capo 4


Isner Scoring Method (ISM)

To create the needed long suffering, serve intense, mind-bending tennis experience, I along with Jason Keck of Allen, Tx. developed the Isner Scoring Method (ISM). The match goes to whoever gets to 70 games, utilizing traditional deuce/advantage scoring to determine the winner of each game. It is played on a traditional tennis court, respecting the size, length, spacing, and height of the lines. The match can be played over days, weeks, months, years, or perhaps, a lifetime. Doesn't matter. What matters is John Isner, Nicolas Mahut, and the epic Wimbledon first round match they finally completed in the summer of 2010. To honor the beforementioned, but ultimately defeated Frenchman from the Parisian suburb town of Boulogne-Billancourt, each 10 game section of the match is referred to as a mahut. Serve is determined by a spin of a volunteer's racquet before each mahut. The other player indicates up or down. The winner serves. The loser gets to pick the side. This happens before every mahut. A mahut ending at 10-0 is called a moullette, the French word for skunk, again honoring Mahut with the inclusion of a French word. A change in sides happens after every odd game throughout the entire match. Each player is awarded two waivers of play (called roddicks) per match. A waiver of play allows the player to cancel a pre-scheduled meeting or call play before a mahut is complete. Injuries, unplanned (or planned) events, and weather qualify for waivers of play. Maintaining a log book is strongly encouraged (noting the general weather conditions, the score of each mahut, the combined Isner match score, and the physical and psychological state of each player). Water should be abundant and proactively shared. Warm ups for each meeting are limited to: 15 and can be reduced to any amount of time upon mutual agreement and may be skipped altogether. Each player should arrive for each meeting with two unbroken (strings included) racquets. Condition of the tennis balls is not monitored and each player is counted upon to deliver trustworthy line calling. There is no appeal process for line calls or scoring errors. The server is responsible for keeping score of each game.  The first player to reach 70 (do not need to win by two) shall receive 2 bottles of cold English-made beer from the other player.