The Night I Saw A Day

brother looked wired on caffeine
cab full of offspring, one of them snoring
growing tall and sturdy
could'a swore he called me uncle ross
walked the streets and back alleys
skipped the dark trail by the river
cold, dark, and lonesome it looked
ran across the road like desperate cats
stood in line at a chicken place
then we fed the poor and hungry
they snubbed their noses and sneered
but they did take time to enjoy the feast
activities commence
rosy kiss from the lips of a queen
the skin smooth and cool to the touch
tight muscles relaxed and breathing slow now
we need to bleed the poison
unburden the mind, make it light
drink wine in a juice glass
understand the talk, understand the eyes
phone calls late at night
must rescue another distressed dame
comfort and courage when we meet
the night i saw a day