Hochatown Hoot

good evening.  thanks for listening to the Hochatown Hoot on KEWL 107.1, Southeastern Oklahoma's destination for culture, music, and news.  this is lane ramsey with local news.  Adabel police took a man to jail early this morning at 2:30am.  the man, 32, is accused of assault of a minor.  evidently, the man slapped the 7 year old boy after the boy asked him a question at a card game.  "I ain't your daddy, boy," was heard before the alledged assault.  police are still investigating while the man sits in the McClacklin County jail.  further, the man was immediately ambushed at the scene by three women.  hospital officials confirm he had multiple deep cuts around both knees and possibly bone fractures to the face and left arm.  several teeth were missing, but dental records will determine if they were already gone.  needless to say, he has alot to think about.  he will face the judge tomorrow morning.  an indictment is pending.

in other news, the Pine Meadow Church of Christ in Spear Head was burglerized and vandalized overnight.  $150 and a book of stamps were taken and several windows broken.  Chief Rolf Knubing gave a statement earlier in the day.  Please listen to the audio of that statement:

     "This AM we are investigating the apparant burglery and the sickening destruction that occured down at the Church of Christ.  We are currently persuing new leads after several tips and are busy trying to bring the matter to a conclusion.  in fact, we encourage others who have relevant information regarding the church staff to call the Police Department at 585-979-7012.  Or let one of us know if you see us."

when briefly asked questions, the chief claimed "the investigation was still pending" on all inquiries.  although  no arrests have been made or charges filed, a press conference phone call is scheduled for wednesday morning at 9:00 AM.  the church's part-time accountant and maintanence man have retained the same lawyer, interestingly enough, from Powderly, Texas.  he is scheduled to arrive tonight.  he will meet with local prosecuters in the morning.

be sure and get your entries into the 4th Annual McClacklin County Story Contest by April 1st.  open to age 6 and above.  must be a current county resident.  be aware, you may be asked for official documentation prior to the official awards ceremony.  in the event you are not able to provide the needed documentation, including picture id, the next highest vote count will win the award.  several categories will be recognized including, elementary children, middle school children, high school, women's open, men's open, and the coveted Boren Prize.  as in years past i will serve as one of the judges. this year's event sposored by River Shore Cabins, Francis's Candy Factory, Winey Girls Wine Bar, Jimmy's Go-Carts and Putt-Putt, Jane's Whisky Store, and, of course, KEWL 107.1.  the awards ceremony will be held at the Hochatown Assembly of God outdoor amphitheater, facing the highway, on April 15th at 7:00PM.  a tea party rally will follow that will march from Jimmy's to the Shell station.  Bring your flashlights.  this is lane ramsey, giving you the Hochatown Hoot.