New Music Is Being Formed Deep In The Oceans

The loudness of the ocean at night.
Only faint music and far away laughs break the constant roar of the water.  Booming low, crashing high, rythyms never matched by instruments or voices.  Every measure a masterpiece.  The water's journey just to hit the note.

gggGGGrrrrRraaahhhhCHeeeee! BesssKrrruuuuSPLiishhh!

Half the moon showed up, totally oblivious.  Bugs found the glow.  Bottle of beer and spirit, the lids are loose.  People should want to look you in the eyes.  Let them gaze, and gaze back.  Break them of the habit of tentativeness.  Be interested in them.  Big things are at work, new music is being formed deep in the oceans, way below the surface, near the fault line, near the floor.