Alabama Orange

We'll do all the driving.
Keep it going east toward the sea.
Turn right in Mississippi.

At Jackson, the center of something in the past.  Slow to change and stubborn about it.  Jefferson Davis was a punk.  His belief in himself was his folly.  Probably, he invoked God in justification of his lifestyle.  The white cowards kept avoiding the obvious.  George, Thomas, Ben, Alexander, Andrew, John Quincy, his daddy before him, all of them til Lincoln.  Cowards.  They weren't great on all the issues.  Then, the look-the-other way boys.  Both Roosevelts, Woodrow, Herbert.  For years, keeping the freed down.  No doubt, this is historical.  There is no defense or reasonable rationale.  It was a backwards culture.  Only Ike, born in Denison, Texas, turned the tide.  True liberty is revolutionary.  It must be taken, it must be claimed.  And is.  By those that believe that fear is irrational, that our time is yet to come.  That the disappearance of time is our destiny.  Concious color seperation is misguided and shallow, reserved for the apathetic and dumb.

Then Mobile, where the tunnel obstructs the views and the gulf creeps inland.  Alabama orange and Pensacola blue, Miramar by dusk.  Where the sun dries the rain every day, where waves are counted and days are lost.  Beautifully integrated colors everywhere...