According To The Scottish And Others

the parking spot that wasn't.
a smooth Dallas midday drive.
to the Anatole.
for listening to speakers.
and lunch.
packed with suits and ties and nametags.
a greet the meeters and shakers.
on time, as always.
jazz quartet playing popping sounds.
blowing cool and sharp notes.
to be expected from the mean green.
hallways of our past.
one of the greatest Texans ever.
according to the Scottish and others.
a benevolent and insistent man.
the host.
scholarships and endowments and pledges and commitments.
god blessed the money people.
so they would bless others.
some do.
the discussion, blunt and authentic.
there is a time and a place for cussing.
very effective way to start a speech.
the don is 'bat shit crazy'
tax cuts must be done!
the russian thing is bullshit.
politeness is almost always the best approach.
until it isn't the best approach.
then bluntness is required.
not nervous or shaky.
but obvious, funny obvious.
he knows whoever and them too.
remembered when they did this and that.
I dig, you dig, we all dig.
and the digging continues.