A Twinkle Blinds The Cameraman

of all the predictable events, this was the most easily predicted.
the irritation and annoyance was unmasked and seething.

time had slipped and anxiety was having its effect on tempers.
uninvited and discouraged, the revenge of the provoked.

beauty is evident when it exists within the soul, like magnets.
searching for the attraction of smiles and caring curiosity.

compassion and passion all the same, although moods sway.
to the virtual page a confession is confessed, bowed and wrapped.

sad eyes lighten up a bit and a twinkle blinds the cameraman.
get your three forks and lift them all up, stab the eyes of envy.

relaxation is only a thought and state of mind followed by rest.
the queen is uptight, perhaps it's best to remain at home.