The Punks And The Monks


Floating on my back, saw it clear as day.
Coming right towards us, right through the sun rays.
Already knew we would never never sink.
The truth is the truth no matter what we think.


Nantucket, Nantucket, we ride, ride, ride.
All the way to the U.K. just to give em five.
The punks and the monks come together and fight.
Nantucket, Nantucket, we ride, ride, ride.

Sails were lifted high as I looked to the sky.
Filled with the wind, the boat was in flight.
Thinking back, there was wings coming out.
Listened real close, there was songs and shouts.

Nantucket, Nantucket, we float, float, float.
All day and night we live our lives upon this boat.
We'll float until we find the land of Spacefolk.
Nantucket, Nantucket, we float, float , float.


Rhythms Of Speed Racers

...Like a dash.  Too fast for proper photographic documentation.  They were gone, down Virginia and back up Louisiana by way of Hunt Street.  Full out east back to the square to loop around the old courthouse on Tennessee Street, then quickly back west on Virginia again.  Over and over, lungs working with the bikes in rhythms of speed racers.  White fences marked the track, hay bales on the turns and corners, a few treacherous brick surfaces.  The Benji house, old Dr. McCarley's, where front teeth destruction was fixed over three decades ago.  After a Spree scotter wreck.  Holy moly, those teeth were gone.  Happy gas and novocaine.  Like some Lone Star wine.  The young will always catch the old, they are not discouraged, they know they will get better, they are motivated by it.  Always, eventually...


The Sledgehammer Is A Demolition Tool

Obvious propaganda will never work.
Intentions of headlines and energizing prosecutors.
Spitting on the cameras and stuttering uncontrollably.

Glee at the misfortunes of others.
Juvenile humor of the unfunny kind.
No Gonzo at all.

Officials, sources, insiders, investigators.
Never any names.
Just they.

The post, the peacock, the times.
Breaking absolutely nothing.
Confusing themselves.

Most others are aware of their lunacy.
Panic disquised as intelligence.
The world continues to spin.

The music still plays.
The sledgehammer is a demolition tool.

Destruction of the old so the new can glow.
Noise and chaos so peace can eventually thrive.
Tough to be a true pacifist.


The Spirit Will Be

Tie up those laces.
Don't wanna trip.
Let the professionals take over.
With the thoughts and plans.

Line up in a line.
And walk like we walk.
Listen up and hear the word.

To hear is to know.
As to see is to know.
And to feel is to know.

Then the thinking takes over.
The what we gonna do's.
And the messes.
The confidence shakers.


Discouragers all around.
Give ups and quitters.


Inactive brain activity.
The body must be used.
Maintenance is not enough.

Wherever there is light.
Wherever there is truth.
The spirit will be.

On your mark.
Get set.


The Daughter Club

rifts of unknown origins.
somewhat of a separation.
lookout duty on the wall.
up high so threats can be seen.

the daughter club is exclusive.
all the protection involved.
soaring high is the way to go.
once their wings get strong.

lean in close to hear the truth.
"know that men are wild-eyed.
be leery of their conclusions.
they are dumber than you."


Bootloop Blues


here I am again, no phone in my hand.
techie man said got an expired plan.
got an expired plan.

they already knew, was a known issue.
all over the news, the class action lawsuit.
wanna join the class action lawsuit.


bootloop comes in the middle of the night.
jamming your startup with loops and knives.
no way to glowface proper and right.
the bootloop blues got me ready to fight.

can mail my lg to another country.
fix the wiring, send it back, all for free.
this is all for free.

that is not the plan, have other demands.
what I demand is a new phone in my hand.
new phone in my hand.

finally went in, not ready to bend.
agent said 'man, you got a grandfathered plan.
got a grandfathered plan.

made the switch, didn't even have to bitch.
now they can pitch the bootloop in the ditch.
the bootloop's in the ditch.


A Twinkle Blinds The Cameraman

of all the predictable events, this was the most easily predicted.
the irritation and annoyance was unmasked and seething.

time had slipped and anxiety was having its effect on tempers.
uninvited and discouraged, the revenge of the provoked.

beauty is evident when it exists within the soul, like magnets.
searching for the attraction of smiles and caring curiosity.

compassion and passion all the same, although moods sway.
to the virtual page a confession is confessed, bowed and wrapped.

sad eyes lighten up a bit and a twinkle blinds the cameraman.
get your three forks and lift them all up, stab the eyes of envy.

relaxation is only a thought and state of mind followed by rest.
the queen is uptight, perhaps it's best to remain at home.


According To The Scottish And Others

the parking spot that wasn't.
a smooth Dallas midday drive.
to the Anatole.
for listening to speakers.
and lunch.
packed with suits and ties and nametags.
a greet the meeters and shakers.
on time, as always.
jazz quartet playing popping sounds.
blowing cool and sharp notes.
to be expected from the mean green.
hallways of our past.
one of the greatest Texans ever.
according to the Scottish and others.
a benevolent and insistent man.
the host.
scholarships and endowments and pledges and commitments.
god blessed the money people.
so they would bless others.
some do.
the discussion, blunt and authentic.
there is a time and a place for cussing.
very effective way to start a speech.
the don is 'bat shit crazy'
tax cuts must be done!
the russian thing is bullshit.
politeness is almost always the best approach.
until it isn't the best approach.
then bluntness is required.
not nervous or shaky.
but obvious, funny obvious.
he knows whoever and them too.
remembered when they did this and that.
I dig, you dig, we all dig.
and the digging continues.


Songs Of MFN Greatest Hits Vol. 2

**Blue As The Sea Of Cortez

Blue as the Sea of Cortez.
Her eyes melt in the light.
Do everything she says.
She makes it worth my while.

We fill our lives with gods.
Goddess lovers too.
Taste all the earthy joys.
Wanna do it with you.

The ships they disappeared, on the horizon line.
Her lips they had no fear, as I looked into her eyes, they were...

Blue as the Sea of Cortez.
Her eyes melt in the light.
Do everything she says.
She makes it worth my while.

Through the gates we're led.
Been walking desert miles.
Suffered and hurt and bled.
Once cried all through the night.

Blue as the Sea of Cortez.
Her eyes melt in the light.
Do everything she says.
She makes everything alright.

**Chosen By The Voters

.you're the sweetest queen that I ever seen, make the world seem nice and clean, make people everywhere dance and sing, I know who you are.

.all afternoon you powder and puff, making millions of bucks but it ain't enough, make a video so they think you're a slut, I know who you are.

.the dice are loaded the decks are stacked, news always talking bout whites and blacks, fools always lying to distort the facts, I know who you are.

.gonna suffer the toll if you drive this way, discover something new every day, all you are now is a clump of clay, I know who you are.

.chosen by the voters to be frozen in time, with your outlaw boots and your country jive, acting like the suits kept spitting in your eye, I know who you are.

.in the evening I hear you breathing, when dreams light up and you're really sleeping, when the room is quiet and your heart's beating, I know who you are.


**Stevie Wonder Show


now's the time to make up your mind and go.  just go.
it's true for sure there is no cure we know.  don't we know.

keep the peace as we try to reach the end.  the bitter end.
all the tears and all the years pretend.  just pretend.

who's the guy that looked in your eyes and said.  yeah I said.
here's the deal I'll love you til I'm dead.  til I'm dead.

end of summer at a stevie wonder show.  what a show.
under the trees the nighttime breeze the glow.  oh the glow.

**Off To Laramie

I'm off to Laramie.
Heading out with my babies and me.
Packing up our suitcase.
Giving up this rat race.
Drive across the western states.
It's the cowboy way.

Named for Jacques LaRamie.
Walked off and got lost in the trees.
Went trapping and never came back.
Took a turn and got off track.
Laid down now he's taking a nap.
It's the cowboy way.

We're off to Laramie.
Where outlaws met vigilantes.
Ace and Con at the bucket of blood.
Took em down and hung em up.
Old west was hard and rough.
It's the cowboy way.

When we get to Laramie.
Spend our days at the Jubilee.
Read our news in the boomerang.
Only a few even know our names.
Everything always seems the same.
It's the cowboy way.


**Melody Confusion

Musical seclusion and new pickups.
Floated for years, got my mind made up.

Skin coat nanny with stars in her eyes.
Never heard a jam that could make her fly.

Melody confusion for a space in time.
Back to the rhythm, back to the rhyme.

Place seems hazy, got a leak in the roof.
Keep the water away from the electric juice.

Obvious intrusion of your mind and ears.
Sounds all mixed so you can hear it clear.

Acoustical theories and gravity waves.
Brain transmitters and gamma rays.


**Conditioning Machines


.sit right down and listen up.
.it ain't the heat.
.or the ozone alerts.
.or nothing like that.
.it is for practical purposes, like all things that are worthy and unworthy.
.reason is involved.
.logical and sound.

.pools of water on the perimeter.
.spider and mosquito nests.
.the spray only eliminates the weak.
.the strong ones live on.

.the real thirsty.

.the mornings are our only refuge.
.and this is night.
.confined and controllable spaces.
.with conditioning machines.
.with music and games.
.begin with the end in mind.

.i can feel it clearly.

**Hippies On The Caprock


Late seventies in Lubbock, Arabs drove prices high, started drilling holes in the land of the big red sky.

Honkeytonk bouncers, where action could be found, knew all the banditos, the baddest gang around.

Flew in during the night, dropped the entire load, from South American valleys, the wild columbian gold.

Tamed all the roughneck oilmen, tamed the rednecks too, hippies on the caprock, nobody had a clue.


Was a new deal.
The way it made em feel.
There's a party in West Texas.
Booze and grass and pills.

Streets were going crazy, the hook had done its thing, desperate for their fixes, the druggies changed the game.

Catch Slide going north, til you hit the loop, go round and round, circle the town, speed was on the loose.

Cops weren't on his mind til they showed up at the door.  A secret operation, they slammed him on the floor.

Thrown to the wolves, to fulfill the drug demand, like a dust storm from the horizon, Red, he was the man.

**Act Like A Rebel

...feel like a dweller, act like a rebel...
.all the while knowing everything's fine.
...feel like a loner, act like a stoner...
.keeping busy and gazing to the sky.

...feel like a downer, can't be a frowner...
.natural born skeptic, gonna give it a try.
...feel like maybe trusting, haven't yet
.life is to live, so live it on the fly.

...feel understated, act motivated...
.paid a wage to make it all seem alright.
...feeling really lucky, life seems really lovely...
.falling asleep with a clear and lit up mind.



Like it when you rock.
Like a earthquake and its aftershocks.
--Like it when you rock.

Love it when you roll.
When you lose your self control.
--Love it when you roll.

Think I got a breakthrough.
Explanation for my brain's loose screw.
--Think I got a breakthrough.

Guess we oughta try.
Let the day go, embrace the night.
--Guess we oughta try.


**Your Flame Still Burns


Started in with the red wine and bread.
Had a restless mind, alot of trash in my head.
Thought I might forget you for awhile.
Everywhere I look I see my babies eyes.



Ohhhh, so bright.
And I fall inside.
Ohhhh, so bright.
Your flame still burns.

Discussions about why we do what we do.
Bout why we laugh, why we cry, why we get the blues.
Guess it all comes back to the order of things.
Forget the cars, forget the cash, forget the diamond ring.


Tell you of sin and temptations within.
Imaginations run wild and the schemes begin.
The seasons continue to leave and return.
Like light in the darkness, Your flame still burns.


Withers Away

Withers away, the garden.
Shine on that cool wind.
Natures of good intentions.
The ones of true friends.

All the time, wasted.
Considering the next move.
Take your steps quickly.
My darlings, just choose.

Tomorrow, its worries.
Like an out of time beat.
Like a wandering fool.
All somber and bleak.

The souls, the faces.
Come into the bright lights.
Show off your beauty.
Gonna all be alright.



Glowdope Is Real

...entitled to lead, watch the myths.  patience.  glowdope is real.  instant gratification is significant.  the most patient, most hopeful, most impactful, most self confident believe.  joy can be constant.  everybody is dealt a bad hand, its how you play it that matters.  find the fun.  what you like to do.  do it.  quit chasing happiness, might just find some joy.  go.  do not follow a bad lead.  the lead should follow.  the lie of not being able to deal.  take the reigns.  millennial magic!  environment of carelessness.  ambition like it's the end of the world, damn fulfillment be damned.  love is left and love is right.  the fix is in, as we know.  the believers know the truth of it all.  how death will come, how sin has infected, how the work has been done.  by the light, the word.  by Another.  humorous, the folly.  but sad too.  leadership cultures are effectively changed only by new leaders.  the glowout strategies and juicing locations.  moderation, of course, a wise way.  laptop warriors everywhere, with carry cases and important looks.  walking with determined pace and asking no questions.  incuriosity.  older than their age. joylessly looking out for number one.  a wasted life.  beanbag chairs are nice, but tough to escape...


Like Bones

...like bones, the drummer is the last to decompose.
The pops and beats, the bangs and booms.

...the bass is like blood, flowing everywhere.
Nutrients to the body, pumped in and out.

...muscle attaches it all, allows for movement.
Lead guitar, stretching, twitching, flexing.

...the rhythm is written in the DNA.
Genes and elements of life that determine colors.

...words are are just talk waiting for some walk.
Holding the vowels, finishing the others.

...made better by electricity vitamins and drinks.
Hydration is good for the skin and eyes.

...the ebonies and ivories are the pep talk.
A green light, a sign off, a blessing for the road.

...memories are taped forever and always.
like archived recordings, moving ahead and on.