Off With The Locks

the day starts early with tuned strings and glow.  a curving Wylie drive.  three full hours on the court, pressing our bodies to the limit.  and beyond.

dizziness and stars.

hung on for a late win, the serve of last resort.  T is for Texas, flat and on the line.  Unreturnable.  the newer models are just promises, they don't always live up.

breakfast of the casa made everyone smile.  a pool dip and jet work, then off with the locks old man.  the southpaw rewind.

like rocky six.

life will beat you down enough, the foot spasm only a reminder.  political entertainment and corruption illuminations.  the truth is not in us.  poor balloon pop with no survivors.

it was snatch later in the afternoon.  the Irish gypsy and the Turk.  hands in the pocket, over committed.  the worker's return for a restful night.

worries delayed, cars parked.

the brows and tanners, beach talk, and sweets.  planning brunch and doing toes.  this family of now.  out on the bridge, evolving to another era, accepting and forgiving.


The Devil Cries

The devil cries.
When we shine the light.
The devil moans.
When we're not alone.
The devil hurts.
When he hears the word.
The devil falls.
When we sing love songs.

Supernatural ways of our mysteries.
Even the devil knows the truth.
He got no road outta here.
And now the devil's feeling blue.

The devil cries.
When we get baptized.
The devil howls.
When we pray aloud.
The devil sinks.
The blood we drink.
The devil's done.
We got him on the run.



Mosquito's Breakfast Haiku

Eyeballed me real good.
Took a long drink of my blood.
Mosquito's breakfast.


Then Go

into the wilderness they went.
there is snakes there too.
slithering around.
only the cold shoulder works.
cut out the heat.
the coolness of it all.
light and floating.
the air moved around by huge winds.
from nowhere.

then off again to maintain momentum.

but a rest in the stillness of the desert.
the dry lands.
where water is truly life.
and life is fought for and loved.
bury the chains of expectations.
pray for the ghost.
stop the madness of success.
the blood and body are enough.
and failures are forgiven too.

ready for the big sleep.
ocean roars hypnotizing.
smell of a salty breeze.
for a period of time only.

then go.


Free Spirits Still Fly

a kicker
running short on peace
attainment of priorities
talk of the elders
the word gets through
like it does
encourage and wait
til then
when then comes to an end
void of units
without measures
locked in this age
free spirits still fly
lunatics on the floor
hope in men and women
the folly of the parties
slogans and hats
microphones and hollow noise
tendons heal
dizzy heat from the concrete
what we take for granted
and the pipeline fills
hustlers and masked people
in the name of their god
the bastard's lies
minds of babies
convinced of justice
defend the indefensible
the call
it is unimportant
fear, I mean
let the rock out
the song lingers and lingers
form a square
eyes connecting
work the patterns
they fit together somehow


Memories Of Sways

.a general deflation.
.melting and runny.
.scrambled thought.
.unsure and careful.
.look to the ignored.
.claim the ridiculed.
.review holy creeds.
.cynical be damned.
.hiphip hooray I say.
.tune in to the radio.
.listen to the rockers.
.memories of sways.
.give em eyes to see.



go make the hay.
get up early and start cutting.
long rows, straight as strings.

see that it dries a bit.
in the sun and heat.
but, get it before it rains.

big bales quicker.
the square still sell.
these machines make it easy.

part farmer, part mechanic.
greaser towels and buckets of soap.
workshop was off limits.

get that hay in the barn.
the clouds will cry eventually.
and we all must eat.


Glorious Water

Overeactions to come.  Rightousness and elitist yokel-babble.  It will never stop.  Thanks for getting educated.  Your brilliance is obvious and refined.  Right?  Like being your own cheerleader, which is completely natural.  However, this desperation can be avoided with self awareness and practice.  The solutions come from somewhere else.  We know this.  Centered in breathing techniques and moments.  And it works.

Sog the land with intense summer showers, appearing from nothing and moving quick.  Everything cleaner.  Glorious water.

The eyes change overnight, figurative perspective and literal eyeball performance.  The downfall of man is an inward force.  The external forces are constant and timeless, some destructive, some saving.

There is no salvation internally.  It is not of us, it is for us.


Executive Notes: #2

Practiced and practiced. Sliced and diced. Shook and shaked. Added and subtracted. I do like models. Start with objections and questions. Have a point of view. Count it off and say it aloud. The storey transition. Did no juicing, no fertilizer bought. Routines are easy, ruts are tough. Let's get on the court.

Somewhere between value ladder and as we speak.  Out there in emotional intelligence and completing sentences.  Preparations and anxieties of the blinding kind.  Differentiation and real value.  Wrecked.  Understanding the replacability, repeatability, and respectability.  Leaving stones unturned and memorizing lines.

Leaving a Good Impression.  Flawless Execution.  The Navajo Story.  Reworked and mined.  Somewhat framed.  Anticipation of the presentation.  And questions upon questions.  Posture and movements.


Heaven Is Badass

Always sunny with a cool wind blowing.
Understanding things with a complete knowing.
No more pain or decay or trash.
Thank you Jesus, heaven's so badass.

Ignorance don't exist no more.
No more tragedies to endure.
No murders or market crash.
Thank you Jesus, heaven's badass.

So I say to the scum and rude of this world.
I'm one of you if I'm honest with myself.
Remember the times I acted low class
Thank you Jesus, heaven's so badass.

For now I'll just bide my time.
Fake a smile and hide my crimes
So when I croke, when I pass.
Sing about heaven being so badass.


So To Speak

.the lingering look.
.don't waste your time.
.move during the transition.
.set still for the point.

.decisions are made emotionally.
.not logically.

.contrast and give hope.
.the challenge is clear.
.introductions come later.
.as the case is made.
.needed information only.
.cut the gluff.
.use natural gestures.
.the ones always known.
.breathe deep, as usual.
.build the momentum.
.light it up.

.so that they will.

.behave a certain way.
.take a step.
.be convinced.

.and it is important.
.otherwise, it is a foolish waste of time.
.with nothing to gain.
.so to speak.
.always we are relative.
.Einstein said it.
.most everything matters for some reason.
.we hate to admit.
.thinking our own matters matter more.
.like the older children.
.entitled and just.

.ac/dc rocked and rocked.
.bottle rock music.
.another empty head.
.trail of dusty tears and muddy sweat.
.nothing can avoid the eventuality.
.as we all know.
.and forget for a time.
.temporarily denied.

.trying some new spices.
.we'll eat it anyway.
.like never buying the same wine.
.try all the reds.
.the white's been done.

.the black liquid is what's left.

.hyped up early.
.when the motivation comes easy.

Thickest Brush

Something bout asking for freedom. Be nice to me or we're surely done. These later years aren't nearly as fun. Let's all shake it down. Yes, let's all shake it down.

Support through all the loss and woe. No one else could ever be this close. 'member when we was making a toast. Let's all shake it up. Yes, let's all shake it up.

Those days were never long enough. Only good memories of our love. Path goes through the thickest brush. Let's all shake it loose. Yes, let's all shake it loose.


American Dreams


not gonna do what the doctor say,
going to California anyway.
loosing my mind, choosing my time.

everybody left the other day,
left in the morning went every which way.
loosing my mind, choosing my time.

the law tells you all you need to know,
make a mistake and you gotta go.
making a scene, American dreams.

shout your name and make it glow,
everybody sees you in slo mo.
making a scene, American dreams.

we all living our lives,
we all got our liberty,
pursue your happiness,
we've all been freed.

better and better always better,
ranked at the top and got those letters.
ivy educations, formal occasions.

wished now that he'd never left her,
knew he loved her the moment he met her.

Cowboy Wolves

     Four white cowboys came into the teepee and sat down across from them.  Big, huge cowboy hats.  Spurs jangling as they walked.  Immediately, his three friends fell asleep.  Only him, the medicine man, and the cowboys remained awake.  A fire burned in the middle and it was smokey.  Then the faces of the cowboys began to change, narrowing and elongating.  Fangs appeared and he looked over to the medicine man who was very calm and void of any fear.  He was seeing the same thing.  Claws formed, black hair grew quickly all over.  Their clothes ripped, they made snorting and growling sounds.  Their eyes were golden and  fierce.  Suddenly, one by one, they left.  To who knows where.  They just fled.  The medicine man then looked over to him and said he had nothing for him.  He too had no fear.  Telling me the story, he claimed it was because he had Christ in his heart and I didn't question it.

     The missing piece for some.  Creation, what the Creator created, is easy.  Look around, nature or mother earth or father earth.  Evident.  The Spirit too, it can be felt and summoned.  There it is, rituals and prayers and songs.  Welling up tears, having compassion, forgiveness even.  Christ is not felt or seen.  He is only known through faith, which is created by the Spirit and The Word.  This story made me think of the Trinity for some reason, but it was clear in my mind.  Three in One.  And science is clear, the human brain likes threes.  It works best in threes.  It understands threes.

     His friends woke after all the cowboy wolves ran out.  They saw nothing, they remembered nothing, they believed the story anyway.

     And I believe Christ is in his heart.