Review Of The Turnaround Cafe

Spur, TX.  First off, go here.  5 of 5 stars.  This cafe off the main downtown road is fantastic.  Fantastic if you like tasty gravy.  Fantastic of you like perfectly chicken fried chicken fried steak.  Fantastic if you like long fresh cut potato tasting fries, texas toast that is fresh and crispy, a salad that is cold.  Like some thousand islands.  Fantastic if you like big tea cups.  Sweeten it yourself if you like.  The waitress anticipated, the menues were clean.  Locals came through steady.  No rush.  Passed on the meatloaf special, but bet it was good.  Fans silently moving the cool October air around.  The chef even came out to clear some dishes.  Polite and respectful, not like the mad cooks in the city.  Unhinged, like some art is being criticized.  Paranoid of thier greatness.  Reputation weary.  The chef of the Turnaround Cafe seeks irrelevancy for himself and perfection for his food.  A very West Texan trait.  The customary ToGo ice tea was large and packed with ice.  Perhaps some music would be nice, but the fans and creaks and doors of the tidy place rang tunes all thier own.  The clangs of dishes, the talk of machines.  If leaving Spur, turnaround to the Turnaround Cafe.  Fantastic.