The Greaser Middle

The talkers talked last night.
Talked about the elimination of class.

The understanding that few things are more important than posture.

Much is written as opinions are formed.  More is written before opinions are formed.  No opinions changed.  A discussion of woe.  Why we must change instead of what change will harvest.

The liquidation of the greaser middle.  The slick profession.  Where the lube is heavy indeed.  Where the rippers and cheaters live.  The back room and its smoke.  Deals cut.  The art of it all.  Only a few get in.  Almost impossible to get out.

A collection of the people will decide.  The machines must be monitored.  Glitches, hacks, and hackers all around.  Our underbelly no longer invisible.  Our system crumbled in an awful mess.  Moving parts will freeze up, lock up, and rust up, pouting and screeching.

Truth just lingers.  The Truth predicted.  Truth is vindicated.  As always, eventually.