Executive Notes #3

Gone are the days of worry.  The days of a perception game.  When the moves mattered and the slights were noted.  It is forward with open mind and willing soul.  Just as music is better as it evolves over time, each evolution taking from the others.  Music is the worst when it is sucked back into nostalgic rewind.  Classic rock is a sorry myth.  Move beyond comfort.  Ignore your instincts.  Determine your path.  This is where free will matters.  There is no salvation in it, of course, but there is liberation and joy.  Salvation is another matter and not a choice.  It was an act, historical and true.  For now, strive to serve, not to please.  Enjoy people and things and places.  Sporadic actions and random curiosities.  Settle library debts.  Don't go silently, seek to understand and determine.  There is scientific knowledge of great importance.  An unorthodoxed approach, initiating and agreeing to disagree.  No pawn of any system, nobody's efficient machine.  Complexities of the next stage.