Off With The Locks

the day starts early with tuned strings and glow.  a curving Wylie drive.  three full hours on the court, pressing our bodies to the limit.  and beyond.

dizziness and stars.

hung on for a late win, the serve of last resort.  T is for Texas, flat and on the line.  Unreturnable.  the newer models are just promises, they don't always live up.

breakfast of the casa made everyone smile.  a pool dip and jet work, then off with the locks old man.  the southpaw rewind.

like rocky six.

life will beat you down enough, the foot spasm only a reminder.  political entertainment and corruption illuminations.  the truth is not in us.  poor balloon pop with no survivors.

it was snatch later in the afternoon.  the Irish gypsy and the Turk.  hands in the pocket, over committed.  the worker's return for a restful night.

worries delayed, cars parked.

the brows and tanners, beach talk, and sweets.  planning brunch and doing toes.  this family of now.  out on the bridge, evolving to another era, accepting and forgiving.