Executive Notes: #2

Practiced and practiced. Sliced and diced. Shook and shaked. Added and subtracted. I do like models. Start with objections and questions. Have a point of view. Count it off and say it aloud. The storey transition. Did no juicing, no fertilizer bought. Routines are easy, ruts are tough. Let's get on the court.

Somewhere between value ladder and as we speak.  Out there in emotional intelligence and completing sentences.  Preparations and anxieties of the blinding kind.  Differentiation and real value.  Wrecked.  Understanding the replacability, repeatability, and respectability.  Leaving stones unturned and memorizing lines.

Leaving a Good Impression.  Flawless Execution.  The Navajo Story.  Reworked and mined.  Somewhat framed.  Anticipation of the presentation.  And questions upon questions.  Posture and movements.