Cowboy Wolves

     Four white cowboys came into the teepee and sat down across from them.  Big, huge cowboy hats.  Spurs jangling as they walked.  Immediately, his three friends fell asleep.  Only him, the medicine man, and the cowboys remained awake.  A fire burned in the middle and it was smokey.  Then the faces of the cowboys began to change, narrowing and elongating.  Fangs appeared and he looked over to the medicine man who was very calm and void of any fear.  He was seeing the same thing.  Claws formed, black hair grew quickly all over.  Their clothes ripped, they made snorting and growling sounds.  Their eyes were golden and  fierce.  Suddenly, one by one, they left.  To who knows where.  They just fled.  The medicine man then looked over to him and said he had nothing for him.  He too had no fear.  Telling me the story, he claimed it was because he had Christ in his heart and I didn't question it.

     The missing piece for some.  Creation, what the Creator created, is easy.  Look around, nature or mother earth or father earth.  Evident.  The Spirit too, it can be felt and summoned.  There it is, rituals and prayers and songs.  Welling up tears, having compassion, forgiveness even.  Christ is not felt or seen.  He is only known through faith, which is created by the Spirit and The Word.  This story made me think of the Trinity for some reason, but it was clear in my mind.  Three in One.  And science is clear, the human brain likes threes.  It works best in threes.  It understands threes.

     His friends woke after all the cowboy wolves ran out.  They saw nothing, they remembered nothing, they believed the story anyway.

     And I believe Christ is in his heart.