So To Speak

.the lingering look.
.don't waste your time.
.move during the transition.
.set still for the point.

.decisions are made emotionally.
.not logically.

.contrast and give hope.
.the challenge is clear.
.introductions come later.
.as the case is made.
.needed information only.
.cut the gluff.
.use natural gestures.
.the ones always known.
.breathe deep, as usual.
.build the momentum.
.light it up.

.so that they will.

.behave a certain way.
.take a step.
.be convinced.

.and it is important.
.otherwise, it is a foolish waste of time.
.with nothing to gain.
.so to speak.
.always we are relative.
.Einstein said it.
.most everything matters for some reason.
.we hate to admit.
.thinking our own matters matter more.
.like the older children.
.entitled and just.

.ac/dc rocked and rocked.
.bottle rock music.
.another empty head.
.trail of dusty tears and muddy sweat.
.nothing can avoid the eventuality.
.as we all know.
.and forget for a time.
.temporarily denied.

.trying some new spices.
.we'll eat it anyway.
.like never buying the same wine.
.try all the reds.
.the white's been done.

.the black liquid is what's left.

.hyped up early.
.when the motivation comes easy.