Floods And Muds

Beyond repaired.
Like the declining body.
Soften the landing.
Go light on your feet.
Style kills.
Provided for enough.
Keeping up with this race.

Sunrise with storms leaving.
Going east after the clean sweep.
Like Bourbon Street and its morning suds.
Memories only now.
Documentation breach.

The tuxedo is out.
A spoof to spoof.
Mean green line cufflinks.
The triangle of my life.

Established and looking to the horizon.
Its been a long float.
Wild winds and storms.
The ship careening up the waves.
Crashing down hard.
Shaking the whole boat.
Sending passangers to desperate prayers.
And they are answered too.

The birds are the signal callers.
This day of song.
The thunder is gone for now.
Lightening bolts gone to Louisiana.
With the floods and muds.