No Fight Left

Decide, will you stay or will you go.
Brown sugar days.
And another brick in the wall.
Just leave me be.
Me and my annoyances.
Completely self absorbed with thoughts.
Visions of perfection and afternoon love.
Only visions these days.
The nights are more like it.
Sleep and quiet peace.
Temporary grace.
Driven crazy on the wireless.
Pack it up and get away.
It must be done.
Maneuver of flight.
Escape out the back.
You might like what you find.
No more irritating noises.
Or listening lapses.
The unhappiness might stop.
To love again.
Sacrificed and branded.
Low expectations and careless.
If only they knew.
This cracked and broken heart
The mind will eventually crack too.
And the body's slow decent.
The peeves are the final straw.
Embarrassments of the past.
Just hang it up and quit.
Liberated, finally.
That Son of a bee.
Buzzed all day long.
Tomorrow is tomorrow.
Today is its own.
Got no fight left.
Get a new one, huh?
What's all the fuss.
To the mysterious end.
Companionship and walks.
In common interest.
The word and all.
Blood all shed for us all.
The puzzle does not come together.
A canvas is not painted.
Our eyes do not see.
Our ears won't hear.
Our lying lips.
Even a whiff of the wind has no effect.
Forget that.
It will not become true.
It is true.
Short circuit for a flash.
Saw raging stars and got woozy.
Almost fled to another plane.
Deviations in decisions.
Affection is important now as well.
We can find a way.
Fade on, fade out, fade away.
Like a good song that needs ending.
Its almost all relative.
Matters of commerce continue.
Plans and projects and engagements.
Through it all, together bound.