The Ghostly Interpreter

     Trust, by it's very nature, is authentic.  It can only be felt by someone for someone or something else.  Trusting in ourself is ultimately futile.  Canes and magnifying glasses and doctor visits are a few examples of this truth.  We go to mechanics and chefs and jewelers.  Antimate and inanimate.  Everyone trusts someone or something else to do something for them at some point.  Self sufficiency is a myth.  The trust we give others is based on what they have done to be trusted.   It is not gained blindly and should not be given blindly.  If trust in someone is lost, it is through actions that trust is restored.  Intentions and promises are only a good start.  They can help lead to actions that regain trust from another, but too often the actions don't follow.  Or the motivations of the actions are not authentic and misaligned with the needs of the one giving the trust.  Authentic actions over time will produce authentic trust.  Faith is another matter.  It can only be received.  It is given by Word and The Ghostly Interpreter.