The Inertia Switch

Watch out for the inertia switch.
Kick it loose and we are going nowhere.
The guns just kept coming.
The Russian rifles and the 9 mm pistols.
Handmade Danish shotgun, a 45, and the Smith & Wesson.
Bullets were abundant.
Cans were being destroyed.
The shooter's pose.
Hogs heard us coming and ran.
The sun goes down slow.
Every moment of light used.
Imaginary peyote juice.
When virtual is not good enough.
Vaper clouds of pancake smells.
Richard Pryor is live on the sunset strip.
Accusations of midnight nasal noises.
Don't believe it.
Hit the board or lose a point.
Got to be right on it.
No radio DJ to change the tunes.
Headbanging afternoon.
Beer marinades with salt and pepper.
The first third war.
And the cup was lost to an Italian.
Signed with permanent ink.
No erruptions of shouting and blame.
Raccoons breaking through the screens.
Removing lids.
Determined little buggers.
Crooked sleeping and tight back.
The road hours.
Radar signals and automatic roaming.
Sunflower seeds and a free soda.
Register jammed up.
Escorted out of Guthrie again.
The SUV patrol.
Crow Springs still drips.
Showed the locals the way to the teepee.
Pointed from the cliff.
Killing time before the steak place opened.
Over on the other side of town.
Relativity applies to reality too.
Contentment relies on expectations.
Of this time at this place.