Even The Awkwards Got Loose

     A thin spreading of responsibilities and thoughts.  Plans made long ago and expectations.  Too much tasking and prioritizing.  Art must be seen and heard.  A painting in a muesem, hearing the air.  Listening to music with eyes closed, seeing visions in the dark.  Absorbed with one thing or another, falling behind without hope of catching up.  The oh wells, whatevers, and towel throwers.  All the serious people are frowning.  Light this world!  Levitate.  It is essential for peace.  Give compliments and smile.  Flatter.  The corners are dim.  Backstage, the gathering is breaking down, looking to each other to understand.  But they don't know.  Their love is for themselves, unshared, ungiven, and unreal.  Moods are floating lightly here.  Laughs and giggles, innocent sarcasm.  Even the awkwards got loose.  Slept blankly, dreams were undreamed.  Saved the purge for the page, nothing to forget.  Early, before the noise pollution, before discussions of fairness, before illusions and delusions.  This is my dream.